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Neighbourhood Matching Fund

Neighbourhood Matching Fund

The Neighbourhood Matching Fund supports neighbourhood-based groups that want to make creative improvements to local public lands. Eligible projects must actively involve the community and build neighbourhood connections.

The Neighbourhood Matching Fund is not a grant; community groups are provided funds based on demonstrated, equivalent contributions from volunteer labour, other funding sources, and in-kind donations.

Funding requests can receive up to $10,000 and are based on need.

Application deadlines: April 15 and November 8

Find program guidelines and the online application in the Apply for funding tab below.

The Neighbourhood Matching Fund is available to neighbourhood-based, registered not-for-profit organizations including Community Centre Associations or Neighbourhood Houses. Informal neighbourhood-based groups must apply in partnership with a not-for-profit or charitable organization.

Schools are eligible for greening projects only. The projects must engage neighbours who are not involved with the school and must take place outside of school hours. Schools and parent committees must apply in partnership with a community group based outside the school.

Registered, not-for-profit groups that are not based in the neighbourhood may be eligible if they engage and have support of community members.

Project requirements

Projects must:

  • Be on Park Board land or other public property within Vancouver’s city limits.
    1. Before proceeding with your project, you need permission from the public land trustee (for example City of Vancouver Engineering, Vancouver Park Board, Vancouver Public Library, or Vancouver School Board).
    2. As soon as possible, contact the relevant Neighbourhood Matching Fund Programmer to determine the eligibility of your project location. 
      • For projects emphasizing arts, culture, and "other", call 604-257-8106. 
      • For projects emphasizing environment call 604-654-0981.
      • For projects emphasizing local food call 604-654-0982. 
      • If you prefer email, contact NMF@vancouver.ca for all projects regardless of their thematic emphasis. 
  • Result in the creation of a lasting physical legacy that expresses something unique about the neighbourhood. Celebrations, parades, performances, and so on are not eligible
  • Create strong community connections between neighbours
  • Recognize and include diverse members of the community
  • Encourage community participation in the project process, such as through planning meetings, workshops, work parties, etc.
  • Demonstrate broad-based community support
  • Show how the community is taking leadership to address their own concerns
  • Enhance public space or expand green space

 Projects with budgets larger than $10,000 must identify a specific project component to associate with the Neighbourhood Matching Fund.

Examples of eligible projects

  • Garden or greening projects (e.g., murals, seating, creative infrastructure that facilitates participation of vulnerable populations, etc.)
     Find out how to get approval for garden projects on the Resources tab.
  • Building community fences (e.g., structures that improve aesthetic while providing function)
  • Building creative benches with assistance from a ceramic artist
  • Developing a natural or historical interpretation (e.g., a neighbourhood or park-specific tour or interpretive walk with associated maps or resources)
  • Starting neighbourhood banner programs
  • Building an information kiosk
  • Creating a neighbourhood flower, bee , bird or other identification guide, booklet or map

 All projects must involve the creation of a lasting physical legacy that expresses something unique about the neighbourhood.

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Ineligible projects

  • Celebrations, parades, and performances that don’t have a lasting physical legacy
  • “Standard” items that are a regular part of the Vancouver Park Board’s operation, such as playgrounds, park benches, other manufactured equipment, or street trees.

Step 1: Consult a fund programmer

Before starting the application process, phone or email the Neighbourhood Matching Fund Programmer to ensure your project is eligible.

  • Email: nmf@vancouver.ca for all projects.
  • For projects emphasizing arts, culture, and "other", call 604-257-8106. 
  • For projects emphasizing environment call 604-654-0981.
  • For projects emphasizing local food call 604-654-0982.

Step 2: Read the program guidelines

Get details on program criteria, project examples, and budget explanation in the program guidelines.

Step 3: Complete the application form

Fill in the application two ways: on your computer or on paper.

Attach any support materials listed in the program guidelines.

Use the checklist on the last page of the application form to confirm you have completed all of the sections, and included all required support materials.

Do one of the following:

Step 4: Submit your application

You can submit your application by email or postal mail.

Email your electronic form:

  1. Save your completed application and attachments to your computer.
  2. Click Email your application to open an email message window.
  3. Type your project name in the subject of your email.
  4. Attach your application and all support materials to the email.

Staff will send you an email confirming that we received your application within three business days.

Mail your printed form:

If you cannot complete the application form to send via email, print it and send it to:

Attn: Neighbourhood Matching Fund
2099 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

Previous projects

Garden project approval processes

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Suggested artist fees

Artist fees vary from project to project and it is ultimately up to the artist you work with. Artists with different levels of experience may have different rates for service. Some may choose to waive their fee. We encourage you to support paying artists for their valuable services.

Contact Neighbourhood Matching Fund programmers

Mailing address
Neighbourhood Matching Fund
Vancouver Park Board
2099 Beach Ave
Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4


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