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Neighbourhood Matching Fund

The Neighbourhood Matching Fund supports neighbourhood-based groups that want to make creative improvements to local public lands. Eligible projects must actively involve the community and build neighbourhood connections.

The Neighbourhood Matching Fund is not a grant; community groups are provided funds based on demonstrated, equivalent contributions from volunteer labour, in-kind donations and other funding sources.

Funding requests can receive up to $10,000 and are based on need.

Pre-application deadline April 5, 2020
Application deadline April 30, 2020

Eligible projects

To be eligible for the Neighbourhood Matching Fund, your project must:

  • Involve the creation of an innovative lasting project that provides continued community use and enjoyment
  • Be supported by community members who are actively involved in the planning and creation stages of the project
  • Have a sponsoring non-profit organization (informal neighbourhood-based groups may apply in partnership with the sponsorship of a registered not-for-profit organization in the City of Vancouver)
  • Be on land stewarded by the Park Board land or other public land trustee within Vancouver’s city limits, including Vancouver Public Library and Vancouver School Board. Park Board staff can assist with obtaining permits and other permissions. 
  • Demonstrate broad-based community support


Informal neighbourhood-based groups may apply in partnership with the sponsorship of a registered not-for-profit organization.

 An organization can not have two open projects at the same time. A current project must be fully completed with a final report submitted before that organization can apply for more funding.

Contact Park Board staff if you would like help connecting with a non-profit organization.

Applicants must demonstrate support for their project through a match of volunteer labour, in-kind donations or other cash support. If the applicant has secured other City funding, the max amount of total City and Park Board funding is $10,000.

The applicant may be required to lead a community consultation process (supported by Park Board staff) before proceeding with their proposed project which includes:

  • Public meetings to inform and consult with the community
  • Flyers distributed within a three block radius of the proposed site 
  • Signage at the site informing the public about the proposed project with opportunities for online feedback
  • Refine project concept to address public concerns at Park Board staff direction
  • Complete consultation form for all community meetings (date, location, attendees) and engagement

Ineligible projects

  • Celebrations, parades, performances, and programs cannot be the exclusive focus of the Neighbourhood Matching Funds
  • Items that are a regular part of the Vancouver Park Board’s operation such as playgrounds, park benches, other manufactured equipment
  • New community gardens – only garden improvement projects will be eligible for funding

School projects

Schools are only eligible for greening projects. The projects must engage neighbours who are not involved with the school and must take place outside of school hours.

Schools and parent committees must apply in partnership with a non-profit organization based outside of the school.

How to apply

  1. Submit your completed pre-application form before September 9 to
  2. Receive approval to apply from Park Board staff
  3. Submit an application

Read the application guidelines (171 KB)

Download the pre-application form (1.5 MB)


Previous projects

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Start a community garden or orchard

Learn how to start a project once you find a suitable piece of land.

School gardens

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Suggested artist fees

Artist fees vary from project to project and it is ultimately up to the artist you work with. Artists with different levels of experience may have different rates for service. Some may choose to waive their fee.

We encourage you to support paying artists for their valuable services.

View suggested artist fees (Section C.1 - C.3, Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective website)

Elemental Earth project

Renfrew-Collingwood project

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