Community and social service grants for non-profit organizations

Kids at daycare

To help build strong communities in Vancouver, the City offers a range of funding for non-profit social service groups and neighbourhood organizations in the form of grants.

There are grants available for operating childcare centres, providing services to at-risk communities, small-scale renovations to facilities, and more.

Review the list of available grants, below, and click any link to learn about eligibility requirements, and to find out how to apply.

Here are our available community services grants

Indigenous Healing and Wellness Grants

Provides funding to social service organizations to support Elder Services Programs that provide traditional, spiritual, and cultural healing and wellness activities in Vancouver's urban Indigenous community.

2017 community grants council report RTS 11897

Administrative report: 2017 Community Services and Other Social Grants

Childcare Enhancement Grants

Provides funds to non-profit organizations to support new and existing daycares.

Childcare Program Development Grants

Provides funds to licensed non-profit daycares to help cover costs for starting new programs or expanding existing ones.

Childcare Program Stabilization Grants

Provides funds for non-profit daycare centres facing financial emergencies, to help them strengthen their cash flow and better manage their money.

Childcare Research, Policy Development, and Innovation Grants

Provides one-time funding for research, policy development, and related projects to improve childcare in Vancouver.

Direct Social Services Grants

Provides funding to non-profit organizations which are working to address specific social problems and bring about positive social change.

Hastings Legacy Fund

Provide support for social services in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood.

Homelessness Action Week Grants

Provides funding to non-profit community groups to host an event or do a project for Homelessness Action Week that directly benefits people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Organizational Capacity Building Grants

Provides funding to non-profit organizations which help other non-profits serve their clients better.

School-age Care Expansion Projects Grant Program

This program offers small grants for non-profit organizations, to assist with the capital costs of outfitting rooms in schools to house licensed childcare.

Social Innovation Project Grants

Provides funding to social service organizations to turn innovative ideas into viable projects that address social change, create or enhance social inclusion and belonging, and help Vancouver's most vulnerable residents.

Capital Project Grants

Includes the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Capital Grants and Social Policy Capital Grants. Provides support for capital projects that preserve or increase the capacity of facilities used to address the needs of vulnerable communities in Vancouver. Downtown Eastside (DTES) Capital Grants only fund capital projects within the DTES that help implement actions from the DTES Plan. Social Policy Capital Grants fund small capital projects anywhere in Vancouver.

Sustainable Food Systems Grants

Provides funding to non-profit organizations building sustainable food systems at the neighbourhood scale.

Vantage Point bursaries: Free professional development workshops and labs

Provides free access to workshops, labs, and other learning opportunities for staff and board members of eligible organizations.

Funding from other agencies

Find out where to search for other funding sources from local, provincial, and federal agencies and foundations that provide support to non-profit organizations and other groups.