Vantage Point bursaries: Free professional development workshops and labs

Our Social Policy Division works with Vantage Point to help strengthen Vancouver’s not-for-profit sector. This partnership provides bursaries to staff and board members of eligible organizations to attend workshops, labs, and other learning opportunities at no cost.

Vantage Point is a local not-for-profit organization that supports other non-profits by offering professional development on board governance, leadership, performance management, and recruitment.

What the bursaries include

Organizations may participate in up to four workshops and one advanced learning lab per year. Additional offerings may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of Vantage Point workshops and labs

Workshops include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Evaluating your Executive Director
  • Evaluation 101 for Board members
  • Executive Director: Leading your Board
  • Fierce Conversations 2 day Workshop
  • Knowledge Philanthropy: How to Find & engage Skilled Volunteers
  • Strategic Planning 101
  • Succession Planning
  • The Abundant Not-For-Profit: An Introduction
  • Understanding the BC Society Act

Advanced learning labs include:

  • Executive Lab: Creating strong Leadership
  • Governance Lab: Building Outstanding Boards
  • Leaders Lab: Lead, Govern and Manage your Organization with Excellence

View the current course listing on the Vantage Point website

Eligible organizations

You can apply for this grant if your organization is a Vancouver-based, non-profit, community services or childcare organization that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Receives operating support from the City through our:
    • Childcare Enhancement Grants
    • Childcare Reserve Grants
    • Direct Social Service Grants
    • Hastings Legacy Fund
    • Neighbourhood Organization Grants
    • Organizational Capacity Building Grants
    • Sustainable Food System Grants
  • Has received a one-time-only project grant in the current or previous calendar year for more than $15,000 from our:
    • Social Innovation Project Grants
    • Social Responsibility Funds
    • Capital Project Grants
  • Is the primary not-for-profit leaseholder of a City-owned or -leased facility, and has a social service or childcare mandate 

How to apply

For workshop bursaries:

For advanced lab bursaries, complete the application form specific to the lab.

Contact us about the bursaries

For learning opportunities:

For eligibility and partnership details: