Vantage Point bursaries: Free professional development workshops and labs

Our Social Policy Division works with Vantage Point to help strengthen Vancouver’s not-for-profit sector. This partnership provides bursaries to staff and board members of eligible organizations to attend workshops, labs, and other learning opportunities at no cost.

Vantage Point is a local not-for-profit organization that supports other non-profits by offering professional development on board governance, leadership, performance management, and recruitment.

What the bursaries include

Each year, organizations may be eligible to receive bursaries for a maximum of two seats in workshops and participation of one staff person in an advanced learning lab.

Additional offerings may be available on a case-by-case basis dependent on demand and budget availability.

Examples of Vantage Point workshops and labs

Workshops include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Evaluating your Executive Director
  • Evaluation 101 for Board members
  • Executive Director: Leading your Board
  • Fierce Conversations 2 day Workshop
  • Knowledge Philanthropy: How to Find & engage Skilled Volunteers
  • Strategic Planning 101
  • Succession Planning
  • The Abundant Not-For-Profit: An Introduction
  • Understanding the BC Society Act

Advanced learning labs include:

  • Executive Lab: Creating strong Leadership
  • Governance Lab: Building Outstanding Boards
  • Leaders Lab: Lead, Govern and Manage your Organization with Excellence

View the current course listing on the Vantage Point website

Eligible organizations

You can apply for this grant if your organization is a Vancouver-based, non-profit, community services or childcare organization that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Receives operating support from the City through our:
    • Childcare Enhancement Grants
    • Childcare Reserve Grants
    • Direct Social Service Grants
    • Hastings Legacy Fund
    • Neighbourhood Organization Grants
    • Organizational Capacity Building Grants
    • Sustainable Food System Grants
  • Has received a one-time-only project grant in the current or previous calendar year for more than $15,000 from our:
    • Social Innovation Project Grants
    • Social Responsibility Funds
    • Capital Project Grants
  • Is the primary not-for-profit leaseholder of a City-owned or -leased facility, and has a social service or childcare mandate 

How to apply

For workshop bursaries:

For advanced lab bursaries, complete the application form specific to the lab.

Contact us about the bursaries

For learning opportunities:

For eligibility and partnership details: