Sustainable Food Systems Grants

Currently, our priorities include:

  • Neighbourhood Food Networks or non-profit organizations that build neighbourhood-based coalitions of community members, organizations, agencies, or businesses to collaboratively achieve food systems goals.
  • The funded services or programs aim to overcome systemic challenges and barriers in the food system such as food access, diversity of voices and inclusion, and resilience.
Current status Closed - the SFS is in a three year grant cycle
Application open  Fall 2020
Application close  Fall 2020

Basic eligibility criteria

You If you received a Sustainable Food System grant in 2018, you can apply to have the grant renewed for 2019.

Additional eligibility criteria apply for all grants.


Eligible organizations will receive the interim report template and renewal request by email September 10, 2018. If your organization received a Sustainable Food System grant in April 2018 and you have not received instructions for submitting your interim update and renewal request, please contact

Contact the Social Policy and Projects Division

Mailing address
Social Policy and Projects Division
City of Vancouver
501-111 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4