“Bringing Light to Darkness” led by Indigenous artists Larissa Healey & Shadae Rose J., with the support of many youth

Make an outdoor mural

The Mural Support Program supports projects initiated by artists, community groups, businesses, and building owners.

The program includes:

  • Providing resources and opportunities for community expression in the public realm
  • Supporting local and emerging artists
  • Additional consideration and supports for equity denied communities 

If you have a question or would like to advance a mural project, email murals@vancouver.ca.

What's happeningAdditional support for reconciliation, inclusion, and equity 

We will be offering more support to artists or organizations that self-identify as part of an equity seeking group or underserved community. Discuss this with our team during the intake process. 

This initiative is part of our commitment towards reconciliation, inclusion, and making sure equitable opportunities are available to everyone to participate in their community's cultural and social activities. 

Health and safety 

The health and safety of artists and participants is our top priority.

We encourage everyone engaged in the painting process to follow health and safety protocols, including:

  • Getting the proper certification for use of lift equipment
  • Working in teams or pairs 

Have safety questions or concerns? Share them with us during the intake process. 

More ways to get involved

Artist opportunities

Find opportunities for local artists including calls for public art, available studio space, and more.

Vancouver Mural Festival

The festival works with artists and community groups to create large-scale murals, culminating in a street party and showcase event.

Manage graffiti

Find out how to manage graffiti, including removing it now and preventing it in the future.

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