Artists in Communities program

Building community by making art together

The Vancouver Park Board Artists in Communities program builds community by making art together using principles of community cultural development.

We host artist residencies each year in participating community centres to support artists working in neighbourhoods and encourage a wide variety of interactions between artists and residents.

Artists collaborate with community members (who may not see themselves as artists) as creators, producers, performers, and active audiences.

The residency projects leave lasting physical or social legacies in the community, such as learning new creative processes, developing collaborative skills, creating an artwork.

The Artists in Communities program makes our neighbourhoods more vibrant. We use art as a catalyst for engaging individuals and communities, inspiring participation, and building relationships.

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2019 residencies

Earthand Gleaners Society

Strathcona Community Centre

Times are tough, and it can seem like the things we want are out of reach, voices choked off. But with a little inspiration, some knack and some folks sharing skills and tools, we can at least make our own stuff, and lift up our stories.

What do you think is beautiful, helpful, useful, in Strathcona? How can we make more of it, amplify it, bring it to life? EartHand Gleaners Society is a group of artists and educators who use a community-engaged model for creating environmental art projects with opportunities for research, skill development and skill sharing.

You bring the ideas and helping hands, EartHand artists will bring the skills & expertise: photography, printmaking, pigments and natural dyes, sewing, weaving, carving, flintknapping, and more. Meet cool people, learn some new skills, and join the project.

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Popcorn Galaxies

Mount Pleasant Community Centre

Explore Mount Pleasant with Popcorn Galaxies, a growing collaboration between June Fukumura and Keely O'Brien. Popcorn Galaxies is all about re-enchanting the everyday world through theatre.

Using unconventional structures and a DIY aesthetic, this project attempts to illuminate the mundane by juxtaposing it with the unexpected and to test the thresholds between imagination and reality, life, and theatre.

For this Artists in Communities residency, Popcorn Galaxies will be facilitating a number of free public workshops, classes, and larger scale projects that engage with the history, landscape, and stories of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

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Cambium Arts

Carnegie Community Centre

Join Cambium Arts Collective as we explore and celebrate the vibrant connections across community, time, and place in the Downtown Eastside.

Centering low barrier art creation and inviting in playfulness and cultural exchange, artists Amal Rana and Erv Newcombe create a welcoming environment to nurture the creative impulse in diverse communities.

Together we'll locate the DTES community within its history while collectively envisioning its future through public workshops, community mapping, storytelling, sculpture, poetry,  art making through everyday objects, and more.

Key questions we will explore: What are the daily celebrations and triumphs of the DTES? What's changing and why? What future do people envision for themselves/this place?

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