Artists in Communities program

Building community by making art together

The Vancouver Park Board Artists in Communities program builds community by making art together using principles of community cultural development.

We host artist residencies each year in participating community centres to support artists working in neighbourhoods and encourage a wide variety of interactions between artists and residents.

Artists collaborate with community members (who may not see themselves as artists) as creators, producers, performers, and active audiences.

The residency projects leave lasting physical or social legacies in the community, such as learning new creative processes, developing collaborative skills, creating an artwork.

The Artists in Communities program makes our neighbourhoods more vibrant. We use art as a catalyst for engaging individuals and communities, inspiring participation, and building relationships.

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The call for artist applications open July 20, 2018.

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2018 residencies

Super Bloomers sunflowerSuper Bloomers 

Renfrew Community Centre / Renfrew Ravine

Join this dynamic team of artists as they explore, make, and grow through the seasons in actions inspired by the Renfrew Ravine. They'll be hosting picnics, pop-up pollinator gardens, ravine walks, and hands-on art-making with natural materials.

Superbloom aim is to create a web of deep connections among people and plants that make the neighborhood resilient and beautiful. Consider this residency a collective love-letter to the Renfrew Ravine: its ferns, flowers, bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, fungi and more!

Our motto is "be brave, be kind, be green!"  Led by artist Lori Wiedenhammer who on occasion likes to dress up in silly costumes and talk to bees!

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Beat a path

West Point Grey Community Centre / Jericho

Explore the West Point Grey Community Centre and surrounding geography in unique and unexpected ways with artist, educator, and curator, Holly Schmidt.

This project will explore the social, cultural and historical forces shaping the West Point Grey community of tomorrow through dialogue and exchange.

Community members will practice the art of taking notice through a year of exciting and inviting events including workshops, walks, momentary exchanges and communal eating as a way to see the urban landscape of our everyday lives anew.

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wayfinding // wandering

Sunset Community Centre / Sunset Rink / Moberly Arts Centre

Using the senses, wayfinding // wandering will get curious about the spaces between and within Sunset Community Centre, Sunset Ice Rink, and Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

With a pop-up approach, artists Matthew Ariaratnam and Julie Hammond invite community members of all ages to investigate how spaces shape us as individuals and as a community.

This project uses a de-skilled and re-skilled approach to creating physical and ephemeral artworks.

Together we will walk, play, listen, see, read, touch, smell, taste and share!

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Birds in Residence

Coal Harbour / West End Community Centre / Barclay Manor

Birds in Residence celebrates our winged relatives, from songbirds to birds of prey to waterfowl in Coal Harbour and the West End. Artists Paula Jardine, Carmen Rosin, Cathy Stubington, and Robi Smith invite community to explore the birds who live in and fly through our neighbourhoods, reflecting on ideas of home and migration. 

Along the way we'll deepen our relationship with the birds we live with, through nature walks, drawing, mapping, listening, movement, and song, and more, combining the insights and talents of artists, biologists, ornithologists and amateur bird enthusiasts!

This project will connect to broader community as part of the grand parade opening the 27th International Ornithological Congress and Vancouver International Bird Festival, August 19 - 26, 2018.

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