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Discussing, viewing, and selecting the right space takes time. To ensure we have staff available, contact us to schedule an appointment:

Priority is given to those making arrangements for a death that has already occurred.

Mountain View Cemetery has spaces for casket burial (which also allow for the interment of cremated remains) as well as options solely for cremated remains.

To purchase a space, contact our office to make an appointment.

In-ground casket burial space

Casket burial lots at Mountain View Cemetery are "double-depth" to accommodate two caskets as well as up to eight cremated remains. Mountain View also gives families the option to re-use existing casket spaces once 40 years have passed after a burial. (Any remains from the previous burial are carefully placed lower in the grave to accommodate the new casket).

Mountain View is a sustainable or "green" cemetery and allows the use of biodegradable urns, caskets, and shrouds, and does not require casket vaults or liners.

Above-ground cremation space (columbaria)

A columbarium is an above-ground structure with compartments (called "niches") designed to hold interments of cremated remains.

Mountain View Cemetery's columbaria consists of several walls with companion niches that can accommodate up to 2 cremation interments. Stone panels are affixed to the front of the niches and these can be inscribed if the family wishes.

For those desiring space for up to 20 cremation interments, Mountain View offers custom-built family columbaria. Contact our office for details.

In-ground cremation space

Mountain View Cemetery also offers cremation graves with space for either two or four interments.

Selling, transferring, or refunding an interment space

Mountain View Cemetery does not allow the private re-sale of interment spaces. However, a rights holder may transfer their interment space to a direct family member or return the space to the Cemetery for a partial refund of its original purchased price.

Arranging a burial or interment of cremated remains

Interments are generally scheduled from Monday to Friday with the first appointment being at 8:30am and the last at 3pm. Weekend interments are possible depending on staff availability (an overtime charge would apply). Mountain View Cemetery requires at least one working days' notice to book a weekday interment and we prefer at least five days' notice for weekend interments.


Prices include applicable tax.

Columbaria and niches

Type of interment space Price
Companion niche (bottom row) $4,200
Companion niche (second from bottom row) $5,000
Companion niche (upper rows) $6,000
Niche inscription $400

In-ground cremation space

Type of interment space Price
2-interment lot $6,000 to $16,800
4-interment lot $9,400 to $20,000

In-ground casket burial space

Type of interment space Price
Burial lot (flat/flush marker area)  $27,000
Burial lot (upright monument area) $36,000

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