VFRS Advisory Committee

The Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (VFRS) Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Fire Chief on matters related to the development of policy, operations and future directions of VFRS.

Terms of reference

The Committee shall review and make recommendations on:

  • The VFRS Mission and Vision Statements with a view to ensuring that the statements are responsive to community needs and are the guiding framework for the development of the VFRS
  • The VFRS Strategic Plan  (5 MB) with a view to ensuring that it is consistent with the Mission and Vision and available resources
  • All matters referred for attention by the Fire Chief and/or the community

The Committee operates under the authority of the Fire Chief, further to the City of Vancouver Council resolution  (144 KB) dated October 30, 2006. 

Meeting frequency

The Committee meets regularly, on the third Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise approved by the Committee), except for July and August.

Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by request of two (2) or more members.


The Chair on the advice of the Committee, may establish permanent and ad hoc subcommittees or task forces as required.

As required, there may be a Nominations Committee whose duty will be to recommend potential members for election to the Committee and will endeavour to have the membership of the Committee reflect the diversity of the community it represents. Additionally, the Nominations Committee may recommend additional potential non-voting member representatives from other community organizations such as the Vancouver Board of Trade, Vancouver Volunteer Corps and/or Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team.

Attendance requirement

Any Committee member who misses three consecutive meetings without notification may be requested to step down or assumed to have resigned.


The VFRS is responsible for Committee expenses, subject to prior approval of the Fire Chief.


The Committee consists of 10 voting members (a maximum of 8 adult members, and 2 youth members aged 16 - 19 years at time of appointment).

Non-voting members include the Fire Chief (and their delegate), a Deputy Fire Chief (Fire Department Liaison) and a representative from the City of Vancouver - either the Director of Emergency Management or the Director of Risk Management/Chief Risk Officer. 

Adult members

Two or three adult members are elected or re-elected within the first year for a term of three years. In each of the two subsequent years, two or more adult members are elected for a term of three years. The cycle repeats every three years.

Adult members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, unless otherwise approved by the Committee.

Adult members will be elected to the Committee by a simple majority vote of the remaining members with active terms.

Youth members

Youth members are appointed from graduates of the VFRS Youth Outreach Academy and serve a term of one year, typically from September through June. Youth members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, unless otherwise approved by the Committee. Additionally, youth members will not be eligible to hold the position of Chair or Vice Chair during their term.


To be considered for membership, you must:

  • Be a citizen of the City of Vancouver, or represent a firm that pays property tax to the City
  • Have professional, personal experience, or academic qualification relevant to the Mission and Vision of the VFRS
  • Not be subject to a real or perceived conflict of interest through any professional or other affiliation


The Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually by the Committee.


  • Sees that the Committee fulfills its duties and obligations
  • Chairs all regular and special meetings of the Committee
  • Works with the VFRS support staff to ensure that agendas with supporting documentation are circulated to all Committee members prior to meetings
  • Works with the VFRS support staff to ensure that proper minutes are kept of all meetings and that copies shall be forwarded to the Fire Chief and Committee members

Vice Chair

  • Acts as Chair where the chairman is unable to meet any standing obligations or is absent
  • Ensures that an annual report be submitted to the Fire Chief


  • Mr. Yanni Alexandropoulos
  • Mr. Raymond Greenwood
  • Mr. Ross Greenwood
  • Mr. Anthony Kupferschmidt
  • Ms. Jacquie Miller
  • Mr. Dave Pasin
  • Mr. Geoff Pegg, Chair
  • Mr. Greg White, Vice Chair

2018 meetings and minutes

Date Minutes
November 20, 2018 Minutes
June 20, 2018 Minutes
May 15, 2018 Minutes
March 20, 2018 Minutes
January 16, 2018 Minutes

Previous meetings and minutes

Contact the VF&RS Advisory Committee

Charmaine Susanthan
Staff contact and meeting coordinator
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