Capital plan for 2015-2018

The City of Vancouver’s capital plan is a four-year financial plan for investments in our city's facilities and infrastructure.

Capital plans match the term of Council, and allow for a vote on borrowing money to be held at the same time as the civic election.

In May 2014, the Province of BC extended the term of Council from three to four years, effectively changing the capital plan from three- to four-years.

What the plan proposes

A draft of the 2015-2018 capital plan was presented to City Council in July 2014. The final plan was presented to and approved by City Council and the Park Board on October 1, 2014.

The plan proposed that the City invest $1.085 billion over four years into the maintenance and upgrading of City facilities and infrastructure. 

How we will distribute funds 

The City provides a wide range of services and programs to residents, businesses, and people who visit, and work here. 

The proportion of funding distributed to each program is based on a variety of factors, including the condition of existing assets and City priorities guiding new investments. Each program area contains a mix of renewal of existing facilities and infrastructure and provision of new amenities.

Get details for each of the program spending areas

The capital plan for 2015-2018 ($1.085 billion) has been organized into nine program spending areas. Browse through each category to find out more about how the funding is distributed.

  1. Affordable housing: $125 million
  2. Childcare: $30 million
  3. Parks, open spaces, and recreation: $155 million 
  4. Community facilities: $55 million
  5. Civic facilities: $35 million
  6. Transportation: $150 million
  7. Utilities: $325 million
  8. Equipment and technology: $115 million
  9. Emerging priorities: $95 million 

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