Long-term capital planning: Building the city of today... and tomorrow

Our Capital Plan is a four-year financial plan for investments in our city's infrastructure.

All City services, from parks and community facilities, to streets, sidewalks, and water, require buildings and other infrastructure to support them.

To keep all of this support running well — and build more as our City grows — we need careful long-term budgeting.

That's capital planning.

Approved capital plan for 2015-2018

The City and Park Board approved the final 2015-2018 on October 1, 2014. The plan proposed an investment of $1.085 billion over the next four years to maintain and upgrade City facilities and infrastructure.

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Sustaining financial health while advancing City priorities

We are building the city of tomorrow by advancing the City's long-term priorities, so that Vancouver remains one of the best places in the world to live:

  • Prosperity: Sustaining a thriving, diverse economy
  • Environment: Protecting and enhancing Vancouver's natural resources 
  • People: Ensuring affordable and sustainable housing for our growing population, and a safe, inclusive, and creative community

To successfully build the city of today and tomorrow, we must sustain financial health by:

  • Providing good value for property taxes and user fees, while meeting the priority needs of the community over the long term.
  • Maintaining a long track record of good fiscal management
  • Developing strategic partnerships

Take a closer look at how we build Vancouver's budget

How we build the budget

Find out the steps we follow to ensure we develop a budget that reflects what the City, Council, and community value.

How we fund the budget

Learn how we fund the annual capital and operating budgets, including where your tax dollars go, and what you get in return.

Read the Capital Plan from previous years

View or download the City of Vancouver 2012-2014 Captial Plan   (4.2 MB). The report describes investment plans for community facilties, housing, parks and open spaces, public safety, transportation, utilities and public works, and civic infrastructure.

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What we heard are your priorities

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Budget feedback

Your feedback helps inform our strategic goals and is designed to help direct spending towards the services that you want and need.

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Read the 2016 Budget

2017 Budget  (7.9 MB)

Budget highlights
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Capital plan for 2015-2018