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Criteria for names on the Name Reserve List

City-owned assets should generally be named after people who are no longer living, places, events, and things related to the city of Vancouver.

Names after noteworthy persons

The name of the deceased person to be honoured should reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of Vancouver.

To be considered as a name on the Names Reserve List, the person to be honoured must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The person was exceptionally dedicated or demonstrated excellence in service in ways that made a significant contribution to the community, city of Vancouver, province of British Columbia, or Canada.
  • The person volunteered and gave extraordinary help or care to individuals, families, or groups, or support to the community.
  • The person risked his or her life to save or protect others.

Names commemorating local history, places, events, or culture

These names must reflect something of significance to the city of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, or Canada.

Names celebrating the diversity of Vancouver

These names should reflect the name of an event or community contributing significantly to the multicultural diversity of Vancouver.

Names recognizing native wildlife, flora, fauna, or natural features

These names should be a geographical or topographical feature in the local area.

Names that will not be added to the Name Reserve List

Any name suggestion that meets any one of these criteria will not be considered:

  • Duplicates an existing civic asset name within the same category of asset (for example, streets) in Vancouver or in the municipalities surrounding Vancouver.
  • Is similar sounding to other civic assets in the same category (for example, Beach Avenue and Peach Avenue, or Apple Hill Road and Apple Road).
  • Is discriminatory or derogatory.
  • Is construed as advertising a particular business.

Renaming civic assets

Existing civic assets will not be renamed unless the renaming generally improves public safety.

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