Vancouver Heritage Commission

The Vancouver Heritage Commission advises City Council on:

  • The need for preserving heritage buildings, structures, or lands which collectively represent a cross-section of all periods and styles in the City's historic and cultural evolution
  • The costs and benefits of the preservations
  • The compatibility of preservations with other lawful uses of the buildings, structures, or land
  • Recommendations on the designation of heritage buildings, structures, and lands, and the demolition, preservation, alteration, or renovation of those buildings, structures, and lands

Terms of reference

The Vancouver Heritage Commission Bylaw establishes the Commission, and describes its membership and responsibilities.

Meeting frequency

The commission generally meets every three weeks, at 11:00am at City Hall. There are no meetings in August.


Subcommittees are created to manage the annual Heritage Awards Program and for other matters, as needed.

Time commitment

Commission meetings typically last 2 to 3 hours. Commission members should expect to spend an additional 3 or more hours on committee work each month. Preparation time is also required before meetings.

Attendance requirement

Members may miss no more than four consecutive meetings without obtaining Leave of Absence from the Committee or Council. Membership will be terminated following the fourth such absence.


The commission consists of 11 voting members, who are appointed by City Council. The commission also has a City Council liaison who serves as a non-voting member.

Each year, five voting members are appointed for 1- and 2-year terms. Commission members are eligible for reappointment. There are no limits on how many terms a member may serve.

Before being appointed, members must have lived in Metro Vancouver (formerly the Greater Vancouver Regional District) for at least 6 months.


Terms end 7 December 2014:

  • Terry Brunette
  • David Cuan
  • Lihua Livia Huang
  • Richard Keate, Chair
  • Michael Kluckner
  • Joel Massey
  • Mollie Massie
  • Kim Maust, Vice-Chair
  • Anthony Norfolk
  • Jenny Sandy
  • Jon Stovell


  • City Council: Councillor Heather Deal 
  • Park Board: Commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung 
  • School Board: Trustee Penny Noble
  • Staff: Marco D'Agostini, Senior Heritage Planner

2015 meetings, agendas, and minutes

Meeting date Agenda Minutes
January 12, 2015 Agenda         Minutes
February 2, 2015 Agenda   
February 23, 2015     
March 16, 2015     
April 13, 2015     
May 4, 2015     
May 25, 2015     
June 15, 2015     
July 6, 2015     
July 27, 2015     
September 14, 2015                    
October 5, 2015    
October 26, 2015    
November 16, 2015    
December 7, 2015    

2014 meetings, agendas, and minutes

All 2014 meetings are held on Mondays at 11:00am.

Meeting date Agenda Minutes
January 13, 2014 Agenda Minutes
February 3, 2014 cancelled
February 24, 2014 Agenda Minutes
March 17, 2014 cancelled
April 7, 2014 Agenda Minutes
April 28, 2014 Agenda Minutes
May 26, 2014 Agenda Minutes
June 16, 2014 Agenda Minutes
July 7, 2014 Agenda             Minutes
July 28, 2014 Agenda             Minutes
September 8, 2014 cancelled
September 29, 2014 Agenda                 Minutes
October 20, 2014 Agenda Minutes
November 17, 2014 Agenda Minutes
December 8, 2014 Agenda Minutes

2013 meetings, agendas, and minutes

All 2013 meetings are held on Mondays at 11:00am.

Meeting date Agenda Minutes
January 21, 2013 Agenda Minutes
February 18, 2013 Agenda Minutes
March 11, 2013 Agenda Minutes
April 8, 2013 Agenda Minutes
April 29, 2013 Agenda Minutes
May 27, 2013 Agenda Minutes
June 17, 2013 Agenda Minutes
July 8, 2013 Agenda Minutes
July 29, 2013 Agenda Minutes
September 9, 2013 Agenda Minutes
September 30, 2013 Agenda Minutes
October 21, 2013 Agenda Minutes
November 18, 2013 Agenda Minutes
December 9, 2013 Agenda Minutes

2012 meetings, agendas, and minutes

Meeting date Agenda Minutes
January 23, 2012 Agenda Minutes
February 13, 2012 Agenda Minutes
March 5, 2012 cancelled Agenda -
March 26, 2012 Agenda Minutes
April 16, 2012 Agenda Minutes
May 7, 2012 Agenda Minutes
June 4, 2012 Agenda Minutes
June 25, 2012 Agenda Minutes
July 16, 2012 Agenda Minutes
September 10, 2012 Agenda Minutes
October 1, 2012 cancelled - -
October 22, 2012 cancelled Agenda Cancelled
November 19, 2012 Agenda Minutes
December 10, 2012 Agenda Minutes

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Staff contact
Marco D'Agostini
Senior Heritage Planner

Phone: 604-873-7172


Heritage clerk
Lorna Harvey

Phone: 604-873-7469

Resources for potential and appointed members

The Procedure Bylaw regulates the procedures of Council and its committees and other bodies.

Procedure Bylaw  (156 kb)

The Code of Conduct Policy sets minimum expectations for the behaviour of Council officials, staff, and advisory body members in carrying out their functions.

Code of Conduct Policy  (145 kb)

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