Fraser River flood management

Fraser River Coastal Adaptation Plan

We are planning for sea level rise projections of about 50cm over the next 30 years, one meter by 2100, and two meters by 2200.

Parts of Vancouver within low lying areas close to the ocean and Fraser River are vulnerable to coastal and river flooding. 

Climate change will increase our vulnerability to flooding due to rising sea levels. 

The Fraser River Foreshore is the most at risk to flooding. 

We are developing a Coastal Adaptation Plan (CAP) for the Fraser River Foreshore area that will identify solutions to reduce flood risk.

Sea level rise

One metre of sea level rise by 2100, which will be worsened by king tides and storms.

Phase 1: Engagement

We're reaching out to the Fraser River Foreshore communities, Musqueam First Nation, and businesses to build awareness and identify actions to become more resilient in the face of coming challenges.

The feedback we receive on values, guiding principles, and potential flood management options will help develop criteria to use when we evaluate potential flood management strategies for the area.


Fraser River flood risk area

The Fraser River shoreline stretches 16 kilometres along Vancouver's southern border. It is a diverse area with residential neighbourhoods, Musqueam First Nation, businesses, industry, recreation areas, and foreshore habitat areas.

Without improvements, a major flood event could impact 280 commercial and industrial buildings, damage over 400 homes, and generate over $300 million in financial losses in today's dollars.

Vancouver's three primary flood zones:

  • The Fraser River foreshore
  • Jericho Spanish Banks
  • Downtown, False Creek, and the Port Lands

Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • April 2018

    Phase 1: Engagement begins

  • May-June 2018

    Explore the Coastal Adaptation Plan

    • What we will do: Host educational and interactive workshops
    • Who we'll consult with: Small businesses, local residents, utilities, Port of Vancouver, TransLink, the Province, and Metro Vancouver
  • July 2018

    Take a deeper dive

    • What we will do: Host open houses to share information about flood risk, and review and validate results from previous workshops through:
      • Open house activities
      • Survey
    • Who we'll consult with: Small businesses and local residents
    • What we'll create: A summary report of what we heard to inform next phase
  • January 2019

    Consolidate feedback and report back to Council

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