Highrise commercial building with courtyard out front

Green large commercial and multi-family buildings

Big Move 4: Reduce carbon pollution 50% from existing building by 2030.

In Vancouver, nearly 60% of our carbon pollution comes from buildings. Of those emissions, 95% are from combustion of natural gas, with 80% used for space heating and hot water equipment. 

This is why the Zero Emission Building Retrofit Strategy (ZEB-R) in the Climate Emergency Action Plan focuses on core actions that ensure by 2030 carbon pollution from existing buildings will be half of what it was in 2007. 

These actions will enable building owners to:

  • Significantly reduce their energy waste and improve comfort through eliminating drafts, better windows, insulation, smarter buildings, and capturing waste heat
  • Switch space heating and hot water equipment from fossil fuel natural gas to clean electricity or to use renewable gas
  • Be part of the solution to our climate crisis

Actions we are taking to meet our target of reducing our emissions by 50% 

How to get involved

Contact us at greencommercialbuildings@vancouver.ca to ask a question or share a comment. Comments will be received until March 31, 2022. 

Project timeline 

This proposed timeline applies to programs under Carbon Pollution Limit, Energy Benchmarking, Financial Tool and Retrofit Accelerator Centre.  

  • Sept - Nov 2021

    Phase 2: Engagement, listen, and learn

  • Sept 2021 - May 2022

    Commercial Building External Advisory Committee

  • Jan - March 2022

    Phase 3: Share draft plan and collect feedback

  • April 2022

    Finalize plan

  • May 2022

    Report to Council

Draft implementation timeline

  • 2024

    Energy benchmarking for large commercial and multi-family buildings starts

  • 2026

    Carbon pollution on large commercial office and retail buildings is implemented