Brown mouse outside

Rats and mice

Whether you own property or rent, live or work in City of Vancouver, everyone has a role in rat / mouse prevention by

  • Proactively cleaning up
  • Disposing garbage
  • Composting properly
  • Maintaining buildings and yards

And, most importantly of all

  • Reporting a problem if you see one

The information in this section will inform you about rats and on ways to control rat / mouse infestation.

What you need to know to deal with rats and mice

Identify rats and mice

Learn how to identify rats and mice common to the Vancouver area.

Manage rats and mice yourself

Manage rats and mice in Vancouver: learn what you can do.

Get help with rats and mice

If you are having problems with rats or mice, find out who you can talk to to get help.

Did you know?

There are more than 60 species of rats world wide. Two of them, the Norway rat and the brown rat, are common in Vancouver.

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