Report a rat or mouse problem

The City of Vancouver will deal with rat or mouse problems in certain areas. Before you call, find out if this is a problem we can help with.

Find out who to talk to about rat or mouse problems.

If this is a rat or mouse problem the City can help with, there are three ways to ask for help:

  • Call 3-1-1 OR
  • Call the Property Use Division OR
  • Fill out the on-line complaint form.

To help staff respond to an issue faster, please use only one way to report that issue. That way, staff do not have to spend time dealing with multiple reports on the same issue.

Needed information

We will need to know:

  • Where you saw the rats / mice.
  • How many rats / mice you saw.
  • How long the problem has been going on, if you know.
  • If you took any other action about the rats / mice, and what happened.


For abandoned garbage problems, we will send staff out within the next couple of days to clear away the garbage.

For sewer problems, we will send staff out within the next couple of days to determine the source of the problem and decide on appropriate next steps.

For all other situations, our investigators will follow up with you a couple of days after you report the issue. They will try to schedule a visit within a week. However, if the problem is inside a building, the visit may take longer to arrange because they will need access to the building.

The length of the investigation itself will vary, depending on what the investigator finds once on site.


If the investigator finds evidence of a problem, they will let you know. If the property owner is not there during the investigation, the investigator will send them a letter describing what they found and what the next steps are.

The investigator will follow up with the property owner 30 days later. At that time the property owner must show proof that they have taken steps to fix the problem. An example of proof would be a receipt (showing the date and address) from a pest management company for work on that site.

There are many factors that affect rat / mouse problems, so even if a property owner has taken appropriate steps, the problem may not go away. The investigator will consider what steps the property owner has taken before deciding on any further steps.

Relevant by-law

Standards of Maintenance By-law (102 KB)