Registering as a researcher

At the Archives, we're in the business of preserving records and making them accessible now and for future generations.

Researchers working the Reading Room must register

We're serious about maintaining the condition of our records, while at the same time, letting people examine them. To balance those needs, we ask all researchers working in the Reading Room to agree to our rules.

Archives staff may refuse to provide service to researchers if they believe archival materials are being mishandled in any way.  

Bring your photo ID

You'll need to present identification when you fill in the registration form. 

Keep the materials safe from accidents

  • No food or liquids (including water) allowed.
  • Use only pencils or electronic devices for taking notes.
  • Don't mark archival documents in any way (not even with sticky notes).

Make sure to return the materials in the state you received them

  • You can examine one box or file of documents at a time. You must return that box or file before getting another one.
  • Keep the archival documents in their original order. Do not remove any document from a file for any purpose.
  • Don't leave archival documents unattended in your work area.
  • When returning archival materials, give them to Archives staff in person. Do not leave documents unattended at the reference desk.

Copies of material

  • You can ask for copies of copyrighted works to be made for you, if the copies are for research and private study. If you will be using the copy for any other reason, you will require the permission of the copyright owner.

In the Reading Room

  • No backpacks, briefcases, bags, or containers are permitted. We'll give you a token so you can lock up your belongings in one of our lockers. 
  • The research room is a quiet study area. Keep your conversations at a very quiet level. Turn off your phone, or set it to silent.

Archives Researcher Registration form

Archives Researcher Registration form  (106 KB)

We ask all researchers working in the Archives Reading Room to register and to agree to our regulations, which ensure the preservation of the valuable records we make available. We'll also ask you for identification, so be sure to bring your photo ID.