Get a copy of an archival document

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There are three ways to get a copy of an archival document:

Make your own copy

When visiting our Reading Room, researchers may use their own camera to self-copy records. Personal scanners are allowed only if they do not come in contact with the records being reproduced.

Download our digital holdings

Digital copies of records available through our online database may be downloaded free of charge. While only representing a portion of our total volume of holdings (millions of records), we have over 200,000 digital objects available online. Most of these are photographs, maps, and audiovisual recordings. 

From an item-level description for a particular record, click on the image of the record at the top of the screen to automatically open a new tab. From there, save your own copy.

  • Photographs, maps and graphic records (example: posters) are downloaded as JPEG files. 
  • Sound recordings and moving images are downloaded as MP3 and MP4 files.

If a record has not been digitized, no digital object will be attached to its description.

Buy a copy of a record

Digital reproductions

If a record has not been digitized or if you require a higher-quality digital copy, we offer a digital reproduction service for a fee.

There are two options: 

Regular reproduction

  • Scanned at our standard resolution
  • TIFF format
  • For an item already available through our online database, the TIFF will be the same pixel dimensions as the freely-downloadable JPEG

Custom reproduction

  • Contact the Archives before placing your order to confirm we can fulfill your request
  • Scanned at the maximum resolution allowed by our equipment
  • TIFF format

Learn more about digitized images


The Archives can provide photocopies of textual records for a fee for patrons during their in-person visit. You can also remotely order photocopies (sent electronically as a PDF). 

We charge per page. Contact the Archives before placing your remote order to confirm we can fulfill your request and to receive a cost estimate.

We may be unable to photocopy some records if they are too large or too fragile.

Paying for your order

You must pay in advance before your order is filled.

Credit cards accepted are VISA, Mastercard, American Express.

Once payment is received, most orders are completed within 7 to 10 days.

Custom orders or orders requiring conservation treatment or special handling (such as architectural drawings or oversize maps) may require more time. 

Receiving your copy

Your purchase is delivered as a downloadable file(s) through a link sent to you by email. 

We do not sell photographic prints.

Crediting the Archives

Users must cite material as found from the Archives. Credit lines must include: “City of Vancouver Archives,” the reference code, and, in the case of photography, the name of the photographer (if known).

This information is provided in the online description for each item.

Learn more about our reproduction policy

Buy a copy of an archival document

You can buy a copy of a non-digital resource or get a high-quality copy of a digital one.

Order your copy online

More information about ordering Archives copies

Price list

List of prices for ordering copies of archival materials from the City of Vancouver Archives.

Archives Reproduction of Materials policy

The complete details of the City of Vancouver Archives' Reproduction of Materials policy. The City of Vancouver Archives is committed to making the materials in its holdings available to as large a community as possible, without any unwarranted restrictions as to their use.

About copyright from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

From the Canadian federal government agency responsible for intellectual property: an overview of copyright information, including what is a copyright, why and how to register, links to CIPO's e-services, and more.

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