About digitized images

For a fee, you can order a copy of a photograph or other item from the Archives holdings as a digital file.

Scan resolution

Regular reproduction service

The item is scanned to the minimum pixels per inch (PPI) shown in this table.

Size of the original's longest edge Scan resolution in pixels per inch
Larger than 20 cm (8 in) 400 PPI
10 to 20 cm (4 to 8 in) 800 PPI
5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 in) 2400 PPI
35mm film 4000 PPI

Custom reproduction service

If you require higher image quality, a custom reproduction service at an additional cost is available. Custom reproduction requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis and resolution depends on the equipment used to scan the item.

Contact the Archives to discuss your custom request before placing your order.

Image editing

The tonal range of some photographs has been adjusted after scanning to bring out as much detail as possible. We do not correct colours or fix blemishes, except in rare cases where broken originals (glass-plate negatives) have been digitally stitched together to form a complete image.

Image resizing or reformatting

The Archives provides digital images as an uncompressed TIFF file only, and at the same image size as our master image file.

Any alterations to an image such as cropping, resizing, tonal or colour adjustments, migration to a different file format, or other editing are your responsibility.

Services and fees for buying copies

Price list

List of prices for ordering copies of archival materials from the City of Vancouver Archives.

Buy a copy of an archival document

You can buy a copy of a non-digital resource or get a high-quality copy of a digital one.

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