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VanMap: View, search, create, and print maps of Vancouver

New VanMap coming in 2019! You'll still be able to use the current VanMap if you prefer.


Search and view geospatial data about property, development, transportation, traffic, amenities, and services. Measure distances and areas. Create and print maps.

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Property Viewer

Search for a property to find its zoning, legal description, assessed value, and build year.

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Property Viewer is one of several online services that will replace VanMap, starting in 2018, as part of our Geospatial Roadmap Project.

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VanMap showing orthophotos (aerial photos) and property lines

Property and development

  • Aerial photos
  • Property lines, values, and ages
  • Heritage designations
  • Water, sewer, and street lighting
  • Flood construction levels
  • Zoning districts
  • Contour lines
  • Historic maps

VanMap showing parking meter rates

Transportation and traffic

  • City streets
  • Traffic cameras and counts
  • Snow-removal routes
  • Truck and bike routes 
  • Parking meter rates and time limits
  • Disability parking locations
  • Resident permit parking areas

VanMap showing community amenities and services like parks, schools, libraries, and more

Amenities and services

  • Community centres and libraries
  • Hospitals and fire halls
  • Parks and dog off-leash areas
  • Public art and cultural spaces
  • Community gardens
  • Homeless shelters
  • Child care facilities
  • Schools and catchment areas

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Open data

Download City datasets about business licences, census area profiles, crime, street trees, property tax, property information, and more.