Guide to residential waste disposal

Get your collection schedule, how to set items out for pickup,
what goes where, and disposing of special items.


Set your bins out by 7am on your scheduled collection day. Find your schedule and set up reminders on the VanCollect app.

Too many items to fit in your bins?

 Remember to set your bins out properly, so there is at least 1 m (3 feet) of space on all sides and 3 m (10 feet) of clearance above. 


Recycling collection is provided by Recycle BC  . We do not collect recycling. Contact your service provider for questions about service, schedules, missed pickups, bins, boxes, and bags.

Houses and duplexes

GFL (formerly Smithrite Disposal Ltd)

Multi-unit buildings 

Waste Management Canada 


Not sure if an item should go in the garbage, recycling, or green bin? Search by item using the Waste Wizard.

Play the VanSort game and test your sorting skills.

Big items

If large items like mattresses, furniture, and appliances aren’t reusable, take them to the Zero Waste Centre, transfer station, or landfill. Fees may apply. 

Check the Waste Wizard if you're unsure where to dispose of your items.


Drop off electronics, power tools, and small appliances at a Zero Waste Reuse and Recycling event, the Zero Waste Centrelandfill, or a Return-it electronics location  .


Odors and pests

  • Line your kitchen container with newspaper
  • Drain excess liquids in the sink
  • Freeze smelly food scraps until collection day
  • Empty your kitchen container often into your green bin
  • Rinse your kitchen container and green bin occasionally

Extra fall leaves

  1. Put extra leaves in paper bags or store-bought bins only (no plastic bags).
  2. Store extra leaves in a dry, covered area.
  3. Check the extra leaf schedule.
  4. Get VanCollect for collection reminders. 
  5. Set your leaves out before 7am on the scheduled Saturday.

Christmas trees

  • If you have green bin service, put your tree in your collection area
  • Bring your tree to a charity tree-chipping event
  • Bring your tree to the transfer station or landfill

 Remove all decorations and tinsel before recycling your tree.


Quickly report issues and request City services with our Van311 app.

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