Boulevard landscaping encroachments

When trees and bushes are overgrown, they can impede streets, curbs, and boulevards. Similarly, fences and gates can improperly impede the street.

This is called a boulevard landscaping encroachment.

Encroachment is defined as any type of vegetation, man-made object, or personal property that exists on, or extends from a person's premises, on to public lands.

Beautifying your boulevard and street

We run programs that allow residents to volunteer to tend to street gardens in traffic calming spaces.

Unsafe boulevard landscaping encroachments

If boulevard landscaping encroachments cause safety hazards, call 3-1-1, otherwise use our online form to make a service request.

Unsafe landscaping encroachments may include:

  • Unsafe fences, gates, hedges, rockeries, and bollards installed or constructed
  • Vegetation (trees, hedges, bushes, and so on) that are impeding traffic or pedestrians
  • Trees on City boulevards that need maintenance (unstable trees, hanging or fallen branches, and so on)

Report an encroachment issue

Planting on City boulevards is permitted if it follows City guidelines and does not impede traffic or pedestrians.