Earthquake impacts

What you need to know
What you need to know

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce and understand our risk to earthquakes, we've performed a seismic risk assessment for Vancouver’s buildings. 

Our earthquake impact analyisis is part of a larger effort to develop policies, in partnership with the community and the Province, to reduce risk in our buildings. This is the first step of a multi-year process.

Seismic risk areas

This map reflects the percentage of buildings at risk of damage from an earthquake in each neighbourhood area, based on modelling of a Georgia Strait Magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Vancouver.

This is a single scenario that allows us to plan for earthquakes, but it is not a prediction of the actual earthquake we will face. This mapping only considers building damage, and does not reflect social impacts, infrastructure risk, emergency response, loss of life, or economic and recovery impacts. We will continue to revise and update this information.

Seismic risk assessment

Related work

This work comes out of the 2013 Earthquake Preparedness Strategy. It identified 55 key tasks, of which 47 are in progress or completed. This analysis is part of one of those tasks.

It is also situated within a larger process to advance citywide resilience, the forthcoming Resilient Vancouver strategy.

Earthquake Preparedness Strategy

We have developed a strategy to better understand the risk and reduce the impact of an earthquake in Vancouver.

Resilient Vancouver

Resilient Vancouver is a citywide strategy that looks at the challenges facing our city and builds capacity for dealing with them.