Are you prepared for an earthquake in Vancouver?

Vancouver is at a high-risk of having an earthquake. Be prepared, and learn what you can do, and what we are doing to keep us safe during and after an earthquake.

Know the risks

Earthquake facts

Did you know that some of the largest earthquakes have happened in BC? Find out why Vancouver is at a high-risk of having a catastrophic earthquake.

Make a plan

Prepare for disasters

Get the help, information, and training you need to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe during an emergency.

Get a kit

Make an emergency kit

Learn to make evacuation and emergency supply kits, and be self-sufficient for up to three days during an emergency.

Protect yourself

During and after an earthquake

What should you do when an earthquake strikes? Learn how you can protect yourself during and after an earthquake to stay safe.

Our strategy

Earthquake Preparedness Strategy

We have developed a strategy to better understand the risk and reduce the impact of an earthquake in Vancouver.

Be prepared

Find a free emergency planning workshop

Be prepared for an earthquake. Register for a free emergency planning workshop.

Get more information

Get more information on how to prepare for an earthquake.

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