Interim skate plaza

The Vancouver Park Board is planning an interim skateboard plaza to act as a stand-in for the Downtown skateboard park (Vancouver skate plaza) which will be removed as part of the Northeast False Creek project.

We've hired a consulting team, including van der Zalm Landscape Architects, New Line Skateparks, and Daniel Yabar (Spain), to design the facility.

Project update

September 2018

Based on the renewed timeline for the Northeast False Creek (NEFC) development, the design and engagement scheduled for summer and fall of 2018 will be further postponed.

Development of the interim plaza is in response to the removal of the existing downtown skateboard plaza. The current schedule for the NEFC development places the removal within the second phase of the project and is still several years away.

Further design and engagement is postponed until a clearer timeline for the removal can be developed. The Park Board and City of Vancouver are still committed to meeting the needs of skatepark users once the existing skate plaza is removed.

The recently adopted 2019-2022 Capital Plan includes funding for new skate and bike facilities, and a city-wide skateboard strategy. Learn more under 'Parks and open spaces'.

Project timeline

  • Dec 2017

    Project start-up

  • Mar 8, 2018

    First public open house

  • Project on hold
  • Apr 2018

    Skate design workshop

  • Jun 2018

    Second public consultation: open house and skate design workshop

  • Fall 2018

    Finalize the conceptual design

  • Fall 2018

    Report to the Vancouver Park Board of Commissioners and Vancouver City Council

  • Early 2019

    Develop detailed drawings

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