Picnic site terms and conditions

Only propane barbecues are currently permitted at parks and beach barbecue areas. Charcoal and briquette-style barbecues are not allowed.

Ensuring safe use of propane barbecues: 

  • Place 75 cm off the ground
  • Keep water nearby to douse
  • Ensure barbecues are fully extinguished after use
  • Avoid using near forested areas

All barbecues, including propane, are banned in Stanley Park.

No barbecues are allowed on the sandy beach areas.

Please read and make sure you understand these terms of use before you book a permit.

Items that are not permitted

  • Tents or canopies larger than 10 ft x 10 ft
  • Amplification / sound systems
  • Rental tables / chairs
  • Alcohol

Inflatable structures

Inflatable structures are only permitted at Prospect Point and Fraser River picnic sites. An additional fee will apply and insurance is required.

Driving on the grass

Driving on the service road or grass areas to load or unload supplies is not allowed. Caterers must also wheel in from the parking lot.

Designated tables are painted green

Permit entitles group to permanent picnic tables at picnic sites only. Designated tables will be painted green with a reservation sign, or the tables will be located underneath a picnic shelter.

Permit holders are responsible for asking casual users to vacate the designated picnic sites. For assistance please phone 3-1-1.

Reservation times

All groups may choose either a "lunch picnic" during a 9am-4pm time frame, or a "dinner picnic" from 4-9:30pm, depending on availability.

Each picnic booked during those times will be charged the regular picnic fee.

Picnic schedules are updated and posted weekly.

First-come, first-serve

Adjacent grass areas beside the picnic tables are first come first serve.

If other picnic tables are located on park property, they are available on a first-come first-served basis, free of charge to groups of 50 people or less, who have no setup or caterers.

Designated picnic sites have signage to indicate that permit holders get priority at picnic tables painted green.


A small identification sign may be used at the picnic site, but no advertising is allowed.


Accepting a permit from the Park Board constitutes an acknowledgement from the permit holder and / or representative that he/she has read and understands the conditions and undertakings contained therein and further that he / she has the authority to represent and bind the licensee on all matters pertaining to the permit.

Inspecting the premises

Permit holders are required to inspect the premises and facilities covered by the permit prior to using the premises to ensure that the facilities are suitable for the permit holder's intended use.

All Park Board premises and facilities are accepted as is and are used entirely at the permit holder's own risk.

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