Sporting events

Stanley Park Open kids event

Choose from a number of venues and locations for your next sporting event. Depending on the size, scope, and location of your planned event, there may be different requirements and application processes. Sport hosting grants are also available to groups looking for added support through funding and facilitation.

Learn more about planning sporting events in Vancouver parks

Fields in Vancouver

Fields, courts, and diamonds

For regular, consistent use of Vancouver’s fields and outdoor facilities, or for league use and tournaments, you must reserve the facility and get a permit. Learn more.

Chinatown Parade

Event permits public property

Special events in Vancouver may require a number of permits, depending on the location, the type of event, and more.

Private recreation activities

Want to host a private or commercial recreational activity in a Vancouver park? Find out if you need a permit and how to get one.

Vancouver Sport Hosting Grant logo

Sport hosting grants

Provides financial support for sporting events that might bring significant direct and indirect economic, social, health, and community development benefits to Vancouver

Learn about insurance requirements

Insurance requirements for filming, event, and facility use

The City requires that you carry liability insurance for events or activities that you hold on City and Park Board Property, or in any City or Park Board facility. Learn about the requirements.