Skateboard parks

Skateboard Parks in Vancouver

Vancouver skateboard parks are located around the city and bring bowls, ramps, hipboxes and street-style layouts for all levels.

Skateboard parks are open to everyone, plus you can reserve a skatepark for a regular practice, special event, or tournament.

Summer 2022 indoor skateboarding

Indoor skateboarding is coming to Hillcrest.

Where: Vancouver Curling Club (Hillcrest Community Centre)
When: July 2 to August 12, 2022

The green ramp is headed indoors, thanks to our friends at the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition. Take a break from the sun, and join us for some skate sessions (twice daily, except Sundays).

Skateboard parks in Vancouver

Where to skateboard in Vancouver

China Creek skateboard park

China Creek skateboard park is located at East Broadway and Clark Dr. Two bowls are open from dawn until dusk.

Coopers' skateboard spot

Coopers' skate spot is located at North False Creek under the Cambie Street Bridge. Learn more about the features of the park.

Downtown skateboard plaza

The Downtown skateboard plaza is located between Quebec St and Union under the Georgia/Dunsmuir viaducts. Find out more about the plaza's features for advanced skateboarders.

Hastings skateboard park

The Hastings skateboard park is located at Renfrew St and Pandora St two blocks north of Hastings. Learn more about the park, and its features.

Kensington skateboard park

The Kensington skateboard park is located at 37th Ave and Knight St. Learn more about the park, and its features.

Leeside Tunnel skateboard park

The Leeside Tunnel skateboard park is located under the Cassiar St Connector at the intersection of East Hastings St and Highway 1. Learn more about the park, and its features.

Mount Pleasant skateboard park

Mount Pleasant skateboard park is located in Mount Pleasant Park at 16th Avenue and Manitoba Street. Learn more about the park, and its features.

Quilchena skateboard park

The Quilchena skateboard park is located at 4590 Magnolia Cres in Quilchena Park. Learn more about the park, and its features.

Strathcona skateboard park

The Strathcona skateboard park is located at in Strathcona Park on Venables St at Campbell Ave. Learn more about the park, and its features.

Want to reserve a skateboard park?

To reserve a skateboard park, complete an outdoor facilities reservation form. If applicable, you will need to include proof of insurance and payment to receive a permit.

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