Yoga mat, block, weights, and towel

Virtual fitness

Regular exercise is vital to maintain physical health, boost your mood, and help manage anxiety and depression. Our fitness programmers have selected a few exercise ideas to help you keep active while still maintaining social distancing.

Popular exercises

Modified push-ups with Tonya Allen

Youth backpack workout with Patrick Wong

Floor workout with Patrik Vojtisek

Squat jumps with Tonya Allen

Modifications of a lunge with wood chopper with Bonnie Kramer

Specialized exercises

Chair exercises with Casey Lefler

Mobility warm up with Casey Lefler

Happy Hearts standing workout with Kevin Prudencio

Exercise guides

Our guides walk you through the steps of each exercise with detailed guidance and images.

At home exercises with Ivan Dragelj (161 KB)

A full body home routine ideal for beginner to intermediate levels.

At home exercise for seniors with Nancy Wong (756 KB)

A simple full body home workout ideal for seniors and Happy Hearts participants.

Balance exercises for fall prevention with Casey Lefler (333 KB)

Learn how to perform exercises which will increase your balance and decrease your risk of falls. This workout is ideal for seniors or anyone with balance issues. Important fall prevention information included.

Chair stretch with Ivan Dragelj (102 KB)

Full body stretch using a chair, this stretching routine is ideal for seniors.

Intermediate chair workout with Kinga Wdowiak (853 KB)

This intermediate level full body workout uses a chair to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.

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