Councillor Andrea Reimer

Inspired by Mayor Gregor Robertson's leadership to join Vision Vancouver, Councillor Andrea Reimer was first elected to Vancouver City Council in 2008, and re-elected in 2011 and 2014. She had previously served as a School Board member with the Green Party from 2002–2005.

In her original campaign for City Council, Councillor Reimer made commitments in three key areas:

  1. Greenest city on Earth
  2. City of compassion and opportunity
  3. City of strong communities 

Greenest city on Earth

As the lead councillor on the City's award-winning Greenest City Action Plan, Councillor Reimer led efforts to make Vancouver a global leader in environmental action, validated by Vancouver being named the fourth greenest city on Earth in 2014. In 2013, she was awarded the Queen's Jubilee medal in recognition of her leadership role on this initiative.

City of compassion and opportunity

  • Downtown Eastside Plan: Councillor Reimer spearheaded the City's first-ever comprehensive local area planning process for the Downtown Eastside. Passed in March 2014, the plan aims to improve the lives of the Downtown Eastside's low-income residents while enabling new housing and economic growth in the inner city.
  • Reconciliation with Aboriginal Peoples: This important initiative engages citizens of all backgrounds in meaningful dialogue to address past injustice to Aboriginal Peoples and pathways to a future which supports the rights and aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples living in Vancouver – the unceded traditional territory of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil Waututh nations.
  • Digital Strategy: Councillor Reimer oversaw development of Canada's first municipal digital strategy, a plan which improves services to residents and supports Vancouver's fast-growing digital economy.
  • Open 3 Initiative: In 2009, Councillor Reimer initiated the City's Open Data program, which made City data routinely available to the public for the first time and was hailed by BC Business magazine as the reason for naming Vancouver the province's most innovative organization in 2011.

City of strong communities 

  • Engaged City Task Force: Councillor Reimer worked with citizens on this task force which identified opportunities to boost neighbour engagement and cultural interconnectedness, and to improve communication channels and connections between the City and residents. 
  • In 2008, Councillor Reimer was appointed chair of the City's Planning, Transportation and Environment Committee, a role she held for six years prior to being appointed deputy mayor during 2014 and 2015.
  • A strong advocate for inclusive government and accessible public spaces, she established nine new resident advisory committees, led the initiative for new public spaces, and championed reinstating the Joint Childcare Council, a coordinating body for civic agencies which has increased childcare spaces by over 1,000 spaces since 2009.

Councillor Reimer's work in these areas has helped win the City a number of provincial, national and international awards, including the 2011 BC Business magazine Most Innovative Organization, 2012 Federation of Canadian Municipalities Award for Planning, and the 2013 World Green Building Council award for best green building policy.

Prior to being elected to City Council, Andrea was the executive director of the Wilderness Committee, a position she held for 10 years. In 2007, she was chosen to be trained by Al Gore to deliver his An Inconvenient Truth PowerPoint presentation to local audiences. She has served on the boards of many community organizations, including CCEC Credit Union, Your Local Farmer's Market Society, Canadian Women Voters Congress, and the Vancouver Foundation Health and Social Development Committee.

Appointments to Council committees

  • Chair, Policy and Strategic Priorities Committee
  • Chair, Nomination Sub-Committee
  • Vancouver City Planning Commission

Appointments to advisory boards and committees

  • Co-chair, Joint Childcare Council
  • Civic Asset Naming Committee
  • Children, Youth, and Families Advisory Committee
  • Renters Advisory Committee
  • Urban Indigenous Peoples' Advisory Committee
  • Women's Advisory Committee

Appointments to regional, provincial, and national bodies

  • Director, Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro Vancouver)
  • Chair, Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee
  • Metro Vancouver Regional Planning Committee
  • Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee

Contact Councillor Andrea Reimer

3rd Floor, City Hall
453 West 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Phone: 604-873-7241

Fax: 604-873-7750



 Councillor Andrea Reimer

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