City Council salaries and expenses


Remuneration for the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Acting Mayor, and Councillors for discharge of the duties of office are paid in accordance with the Mayor and Councillor Remuneration Bylaw No. 11483  (1124 KB).

Salaries are adjusted annually in accordance with the bylaw and the salary is taxable.

Council member salaries 

Deferred remuneration

The Mayor and Councillors, including the Deputy Mayor and the Acting Mayor, who serve their full term of office and do not run for re-election or are not re-elected to office, are paid an amount as deferred remuneration for each full term of office served. Deferred remuneration is paid as follows:

  • Equivalent to one week’s salary for each year of office served, based on the salary received during that year of office
  • Prorated for portions of years of office that are served during an election year
  • Equivalent to no more than four weeks salary for a full term of office
  • Included in the final paycheque


Eligible expenses incurred by the Mayor and Councillors while carrying out eligible activities must be paid in accordance with the Mayor and Councillor Expenses Bylaw No. 11529  (724 KB). Council expenses consist of five components.

Track Council budget and expenses using Open Data

Dataset is updated quarterly.

Financial disclosure statements

The current members of City Council submit annual financial disclosure statements each year on January 15 to comply with the BC Financial Disclosure Act.

To view a copy of an annual financial disclosure statement for a member of City Council, visit their webpage listed below.

Original signed annual financial disclosure statements are available for inspection at City Hall.

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