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Sailboat in water of False Creek - marina and condo towers in background

City of Vancouver corporate plan

Fostering a livable, safe and vibrant city is the foundation of our work at the City of Vancouver.

Each year, the Corporate Plan helps us map out priority initiatives that will enable us to address the opportunities and challenges we experience as a growing city. Our annual Corporate Plan sets out our organization’s highest priorities for the year ahead.

Our senior executive, the City Leadership Team, uses the plan to ensure that we:

  • Deliver Council priorities and regulatory obligations
  • Meet our core service responsibilities
  • Continually improve how we deliver high quality services and programs

The Corporate Plan also helps our staff focus on key priorities and understand how their work fits into the larger picture of our overall long-term goals.

Read the 2018 Corporate Plan PDF file (8.6 MB)

Long-term strategic goals and 2018 short-term priorities

  1. Safely improve the management of building assets
  2. Development and building permit service improvements
  3. Development and building regulatory review
  4. Resident experience initiative
  1. Long-term financial sustainability strategy
  2. Community amenity contribution review
  3. Corporate sponsorship and revenue strategy
  4. Regulatory compliance framework
  5. Business commitment management
  6. Comprehensive city-building framework
  7. Information technology resilience
  1. Talent strategy
  2. Employee health and safety
  3. Equity, diversity, and inclusion
  1. Smart Cities Challenge
  2. Senior government partnerships
  3. Mental health and addiction
  4. Social equity and inclusion
  5. Downtown Eastside and Chinatown initiatives
  6. City of Reconciliation initiatives
  1. Housing policy and regulation
  2. Affordable housing on City land
  3. Short-term residential rental regulation
  4. Empty Homes Tax
  5. Rental housing stock
  6. At-risk building preservation and enforcement
  7. Central Waterfront review
  8. Broadway Corridor land use planning
  1. One Water Strategy
  2. Zero Waste Strategy
  3. Zero Emissions Building Plan
  4. Green fleet initiatives
  5. Renewable City Action Plan
  6. Electric vehicle ecosystem
  1. City Core 2050
  2. Employment lands and economy
  3. Supporting local retail and small business
  4. Playland redevelopment
  1. Marijuana policy and regulation
  2. Earthquake preparation and resilience
  3. Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services strategic plan
  4. Fight violent crime
  5. Improve road safety
  6. VPD mental health initiatives
  1. Arbutus Greenway
  2. Park Board Concession Renewal
  3. City Archives and Central Library co-location
  4. Public library upgrades
  5. Parks and Recreation citywide strategies
  6. Vibrant public spaces
  7. Creative City Strategy
  1. Northeast False Creek planning
  2. Property Endowment Fund Strategy
  3. City Hall campus planning
  4. Non-profit lease management
  5. Millenium Line Broadway extension
  6. Climate change adaptation strategy