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Random order ballot

Candidates in all races will be listed in random order, not alphabetical order on the ballot this year.

Every ballot will have the same random order list of candidates.

Random order candidate list

View the list drawn on September 21 by election race. 

Names will be displayed on your ballot in the order shown below.

Plan your vote

In late September, use the online Plan Your Vote tool to:

  1. Easily view candidates in alphabetical and random ballot order.
  2. Pick your candidates, a date, and a place to vote. 
  3. Email yourself or print your plan, displayed in the order that will be shown on the ballot.
  4. Set a reminder to vote.
  5. Take your plan to the voting place with you. 

You may also use a worksheet in the printed voters' guide to mark your choices, then take your completed worksheet to the voting place with you. 

important Leave plenty of time to vote. Consider voting in advance as wait times may be shorter.

More about the random order ballot



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