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False Creek South

We lease land to about 60% of residential properties in the False Creek South neighbourhood.

The leases began when the neighbourhood was built in the 1970s and 80s, and most will expire in 20 to 40 years (between 2036 and 2046).

We now have an important opportunity to work with you to consider the future of the area and how it can support our growing city.

Check back for many upcoming opportunities to share your ideas to help reshape this area to meet our city's challenges and dreams.

Assessment update

In April 2017, we will be starting to assess the condition of all buildings on City-owned land in False Creek South.

The assessments will help us as we work with False Creek South residents and the community to develop the future vision for False Creek South. A clear understanding of current building conditions is important for the upcoming planning work and as we work on affordable options to stay in the neighbourhood and issues related to the leases that will be expiring.

Ameresco, an independent contractor, will be assessing the buildings and providing us with a report. See the sample report to get an idea of the kind of information that will be collected.

Building managers or operators will be receiving more information on the building condition assessments program. Ameresco will arrange a time to assess each building. If you have any questions, contact your manager or operator or the False Creek South project team.

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What's happening next?

  1. Start a neighbourhood planning program. The plan will have a phased approach and provide an overall vision for the future of False Creek South. City Council will consider a staff report with terms of reference for the planning program in spring 2017.
  2. Create affordable housing options for existing residents to remain in the area. The process will be informed by our current and emerging housing policy.
  3. Create a process to negotiate issues about the end of 60-year leasehold strata lot leases. City Council will consider the framework and matters to be negotiated in spring 2017.
  4. Explore a long-term governance model for the area.

False Creek South at a glance

  • 55 hectares (136 acres) of land
  • 23 km seawall
  • 5,788 residents
  • 80% of land owned by City (includes 17% park land)
  • 60% of homes are on City-owned land 

A history of urban transformation and renewal

In the 1970s, we led the redevelopment of False Creek South, turning the former industrial lands into a flourishing neighbourhood with public recreation spaces. It was a bold and innovative exercise to create a mixed-income community that attracted families and diverse households to live in the city centre.

The 1,849 units on City land (shown in blue on the map below) are a mix of housing types:

  • Market residential units, which include leasehold strata and rental units
  • Non-market units made up of co-ops, non-profit, or rental units
  • Community care facilities  

An additional 1,354 homes in False Creek South are on land owned by private owners or other levels of government. 

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