Northeast False Creek from the air

The future of Northeast False Creek

In 2015, City Council chose to move forward with a plan to replace the viaducts with a more resilient and connected street network. The decision is dependent on a new area plan for Northeast False Creek.

Replacing the viaducts is a self-funding solution with many public benefits including a larger Creekside Park and an improved transportation network that replaces vulnerable infrastructure.

Key document

Area profile PDF file (11 MB)

Streetscape design

The Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts will be replaced with a new street network built at ground-level.

Area planning

Northeast False Creek will include a mix of new housing opportunities.

Park design

The Creekside Park extension will be a destination for everyone and existing parks in Northeast False Creek will be renewed.

Before and after map

Slide the arrows to compare Northeast False Creek with and without the viaducts, and see the proposed complete street network without the viaducts.

Northeast False Creek before diagram - with the viaducts Northeast False Creek after diagram - without the viaducts

Key documents

Below are the most recent and relevant planning documents. Visit our get involved page for all related planning documents and engagement summaries. 

Northeast False Creek Emerging Directions (7.09 MB)

Read about our progress and our public consultation to date. The emerging directions will continue evolve through the planning process.

Park design early directions (20.42 MB)

Read about our progress and our public consultation to date. The early directions will continue to evolve through the design process.

NEFC engagement summary report (15.21 MB)

Read a summary of feedback gathered during phase one of the planning process (September 2016 to January 2017).

Northeast False Creek Area Profile (10.89 MB)

Get background information about NEFC to help inform discussions about issues we'll address in the area plan.

Documents and studies

View the policies, strategies, studies, and public feedback that have shaped Northeast False Creek.

Our guiding principles

  1. Reconnect the historic communities and the False Creek waterfront.
  2. Expand parks and open space.
  3. Repair the urban fabric.
  4. Explore housing development and place-making opportunities on the City blocks.
  5. Create a vibrant waterfront district.
  6. Increase efficiency of the street network.
  7. Improve connectivity between Downtown, Northeast False Creek, and the waterfront.
  8. Enhanced pedestrian and cyclist movement.
  9. Develop a fiscally responsible approach.
  10. Engage residents and stakeholders in a meaningful way.
  11. Strengthen the festival and entertainment function of the area.

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