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Get involved and provide feedback about Northeast False Creek

Northeast False Creek will be a destination for people from all over Vancouver, and we want your help creating an area plan that guides development.

Over the past year, thousands of residents have participated in events, online surveys, and provided feedback.

There's still time for you to add your voice! This summer and fall, we will be sharing draft plans for you to consider and share your views.

We commit to listening to your input, showing you what we heard, and highlighting how we were able to integrate that feedback into the area plan.

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Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • Summer 2016

    Background study

    • What we did: Reviewed previous plans, reports, and related policies, and formed the Northeast False Creek (NEFC) Stewardship and Park Design advisory groups
    • What we created: Project community engagement strategy, timeline, website, and materials
  • Fall 2016 and
    winter 2017

    Phase 1: Emerging area plan directions

    • What we did: Launched a public consultation process, identified ideas, interests, and opportunities in the planning area, and prepared emerging area plan directions
    • Who we consulted with: The public, NEFC Stewardship Group, Park Design Advisory Committee, other civic advisory committees, and an expert panel
    • What we created based on feedback: Area plan emerging directions informed by community values, City priorities, and landowner objectives
  • Spring and
    summer 2017

    Phase 2: Draft area plan

    • What we're doing: Draft the final area plan, and required changes to the False Creek North Official Development Plan, area zoning, and necessary legal agreements
    • What we're creating: Final area plan
  • We are here
  • Fall and
    winter 2017

    Phase 3: Final area plan review

    • Who we'll consult with: The public and stakeholders
    • What we'll create based on feedback: Final area plan package
    • What we'll do: Present the plan to City Council to consider and approve

Phase 1 consultation: by the numbers

people went to topic-specific workshops
people went to the launch party
responses to our Downtown Skate Plaza survey
unique visits to our online consultation

Past events and outreach

Date Event Documents
Spring 2017 Reports from stakeholder workshops

Chinatown workshop summary  (2 MB)

Phase 1 Consultation Report: Ideas, Interests, and Opportunities PDF file (15 MB)

Winter 2017 Open houses and pop-up planning shop about emerging directions for Northeast False Creek Open house information displays  (11 MB)

Street illustrations before and after  (4 MB)

Presentation on early directions for the park design (streamed February 2 on Facebook) External website

Events and entertainment workshop summary  (4 MB)

Fall 2016 Open houses and road shows to share information and receive public feedback

Reports from stakeholder workshops:

  • Great streets
  • Sustainability
  • Housing
  • Arts and culture
  • Downtown skateboard plaza survey

Parks and open space (to come)

Open house information displays PDF file (11 MB)

Great streets study PDF file (8 MB)

Great streets workshop summary PDF file (5 MB)

Sustainability summary report PDF file (1 MB)

Housing summary report PDF file (1 MB)

Arts and culture summary report PDF file (1 MB)

Downtown skateboard plaza survey report PDF file (5 MB)

Fall 2015 Council meeting and decision to replace the viaducts with a ground-level street network Staff report PDF file (4MB) 

Meeting video 

Summer 2015 Booths at eight community events to share findings of the technical analysis of replacing the viaducts Staff presentation  (5 MB)
Spring 2014 Public open house to share information on the rezoning of 998 Expo Boulevard Open house information displays (City)  (5 MB)

Open house information displays (Applicant)  (5 MB)

Fall 2013 Public open house to share information on Vancouver School Board's rezoning application of 55 Expo Boulevard for the new International Village school  
Summer 2013 Online questionnaire to gather input to shape the public consultation process for planning Northeast False Creek and False Creek Flats  
January 2013 Videos to summarize proposed concept for the viaducts and surrounding land Video 1: Exploring a New Direction External website

Video 2: Transportation Analysis External website

Summer 2012 Public consultation to gather input on the viaducts conceptual plan, including presentations to a wide range of stakeholders, three public open houses (1,000 attendees), and an online presentation (15,00 views) Public consultation summary PDF file (546 KB)
February 2012 Public open house to share information on the rezoning of 800 Griffiths Way (Rogers Arena) Open house information displays PDF file (1 MB)
Fall 2011 Ideas competition Re:CONNECT to call on the public and local and international designers to imagine new possibilities for Northeast False Creek and False Creek Flats Competition entries External website

Summary of key themes PDF file (500 KB)

Summer 2011 Public open house to share updates and gather input on Plaza of Nations site planning Open house information displays PDF file (22 MB)
February 2011 Public information session to share information and gather input on gaming in Vancouver Open house information displays PDF file (2 MB)
Fall 2010 Public open house to gather input on recommendations to manage Northeast False Creek event noise impacts on livability Open house information displays PDF file (3.5 MB)
Spring 2010 Facilitated meetings with community representatives, Concord Pacific, and City staff to explore options for future development of the park and adjacent lands Summary report PDF file (3.5 MB)
Fall 2009 Public open house to gather input on last two proposed directions for the future of Northeast False Creek Open house information displays PDF file (8 MB)
Winter/spring 2009 Public open house to gather input on first four proposed directions for the future of Northeast False Creek Open house information displays PDF file (6.5 MB)

Public comment summary PDF file (44 KB)

2006 Three public workshops by Vancouver Park Board to develop a concept plan for Creekside Park North Concept plan PDF file (2 MB)

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Documents and studies

View the policies, strategies, studies, and public feedback that have shaped Northeast False Creek.