Quebec Street in Mount Pleasant's industrial area

Mount Pleasant Industrial Area zoning changes (east of Quebec St)

Supporting job growth in Vancouver's innovation economy

We are proposing zoning changes to the eastern edge of the Mount Pleasant Industrial Area to:

  • Allow for larger buildings
  • Increase job space
  • Support the innovation economy

Mount Pleasant is centrally-located and connected to transit, has a mix of land uses, and is close to housing and amenities like cafes, parks, and shops.

These factors have attracted a growing number of digital and creative businesses, making Mount Pleasant a major cluster in Vancouver’s growing innovation economy.

What's the innovation economy?

It's unique to each city. For Vancouver, it means:

  • Specialized manufacturing and technology prototyping
  • Creative production industries like industrial design and graphic arts
  • Technology-driven industries like digital enterprise and media production

Vancouver innovation economy map

Vancouver innovation economy map

The innovation economy has eight clusters in Vancouver's metro core.

What's happening?

January 26 Public Hearing 

Council will consider amendments to the Zoning and Development By-law to update definitions pertaining to the digital innovation economy, and to rezone limited areas of the Mount Pleasant Industrial Area to I-1A and I-1B (Industrial) District to support speciality spaces for digital and technology uses.

Anyone who considers themselves affected by the proposed bylaw amendments may speak at the Public Hearing. Please register individually before 5:00pm, January 26, 2017. 


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Past updates

December 2016

Council to consider a report discussing ways to increase job space and support the innovation economy in Mount Pleasant. Our recommendations include:

  • Updating outdated definitions in the Zoning and Development Bylaw
  • Rezoning a limited area of the Mount Pleasant Industrial Area east of Quebec St between East 2nd Ave and East 6th Ave to increase job space while preserving the current requirements for industrial space

The report also discusses potential changes to the street network in Mount Pleasant and the potential expansion of the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility to serve new development in Mount Pleasant. 

October 2016

We held two open houses on October 15 and 18 for you to share your thoughts on increasing job space and our efforts to support the innovation economy by:

  • Rezoning a limited area to increase job space while preserving the current requirements for industrial space
  • Changing the street network in Mount Pleasant
  • Expanding the Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility to serve new development in Mount Pleasant

View the open house information displays PDF file (5 MB)

We also asked for your ideas about the proposed zoning changes through an online questionnaire from October 17 to November 4. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts. We're currently analyzing the feedback we received and preparing a summary.

Project timeline

Here is our process and anticipated milestones.

  • October 2016

    Open houses

    Seek community feedback on the proposal

  • Fall 2016

    Evaluate and refine zoning and other changes based on feedback

  • December 2016

    Report to Council on zoning changes, transportation changes and expansion of Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility

  • We are here
  • January 2017

    Public hearing on zoning changes

Background and context

City Council adopted the Mount Pleasant Community Plan in 2010, followed by the plan's Implementation Package in 2013.

Council approved changes to the I-1 zone to allow for more general office use in 2013. The goal was to enhance the area as a job centre and support the local economy by allowing for more potential jobs in the area, more flexibility for business retention and expansion, and more options for mixed-use industrial buildings.

Read the Council report PDF file (330 KB).

Presentation about Vancouver's innovation economy

Chief Technology Officer Jessie Adcock and Acting General Manager, Planning and Development Services, Jane Pickering presented to Council in June 2016 about Vancouver's innovation economy.

Read the presentation PDF file (19 MB) and watch the video.

Vancouver innovation economy map