Concept for Oakridge Municipal Town Centre of concentric rings, with density concentrated closest to the Oakridge-41st Canada Line Station

Oakridge Municipal Town Centre area planning

Oakridge Municipal Town Centre (MTC) covers the area around Cambie Street and West 41st Avenue, and is part of Phase 3 of the Cambie Corridor Planning Program. It will be part of the final, comprehensive Cambie Corridor Plan.

In spring 2016, we asked for public feedback about focus areas that identify where we are exploring change in Oakridge MTC. Based on what we heard, we are taking a closer look at Oakridge MTC to see how it can continue to grow as a vibrant hub in the Corridor that meets community, citywide, and regional needs – now and in the future.

Providing housing affordability is a key focus of Oakridge MTC area planning.

One of 17 designated MTCs in Metro Vancouver

MTCs are regionally-significant urban centres that are transit-oriented communities with:

  • Diverse populations
  • A wide range of job, retail, public and cultural spaces
  • A variety of housing options including affordable choices

These characteristics make MTCs ideal locations to accommodate growth in our region and create more complete, vibrant communities.

Part of a frequent Transit Development Area (FTDA)

Oakridge MTC is a priority location for more concentrated growth in higher density forms of development. Urban design of these areas will promote a high-quality public realm with transit, cycling, and walking as the preferred modes of transportation.

View the concepts and ideas for Oakridge MTC

We've created three concepts for growth and affordable housing opportunities in Oakridge MTC as part of the Cambie Corridor Planning Program Phase 3. These concepts are available as part of the draft plan directions.

View the concepts