Banners and flags

We allow local business associations, non-profit groups, charitable organizations, and special events organizations to install street banners and flags in Vancouver. These can be used to promote the local business area or a special community event.


Business Improvement Association (BIA) banners

These banners are usually in permanent installations in local BIA areas. They are funded by local BIAs. The themes and design are the responsibility of the BIA.

User group program for annual or once only functions

Examples of this type of banner are the Sun Run and Art Gallery banners. They are often installed in the same locations as our banners, during the off season from October to May.

Neighbourhood Society banners

These banners are funded by Neighbourhood Societies to enhance the streetscape of the area. The themes and design are the responsibility of the Neighbourhood Societies. Examples of this type of banner are the Fraser Street banners, from East King Edward Avenue to East 31st Avenue.

Flag islands

There are four flag islands throughout the city that are used by charitable and non-profit organizations to promote awareness of a particular cause or event. Examples include Cancer Awareness month and the United Way campaign. Each flag island has 12 flag poles.


The user group is responsible for all costs associated with the banner project. These include banner production, installation and subsequent removal. They are also responsible for any maintenance costs. Production costs vary depending on quantity and design.

Flag locations

The "Main City Map" shows the entire city, excluding the downtown area. The "Downtown Map" is a close-up view of banner and flag locations in the downtown core only. The maps may be viewed as a PDF file.


The full application package consists of two files which contain instructions, policies, and the application itself. Download both files before continuing.