Fair Wage program

In early 2023, Council approved the implementation of a compensation approach that better aligns with compensation programs of large organizations and those with multi-year collective agreements, like ours. The Fair Wage approach makes implementation more practical as it smooths out year-over-year variability. We will continue to use the living wage rate as a benchmark.

For 2024, the City of Vancouver Fair Wage is $21.86 per hour. The Fair Wage is the baseline hourly wage, including all direct wages and the value of any non-mandatory benefits such as paid sick leave, employer-paid Medical Services Plan premiums, and extended health benefits.

The Fair Wage program applies to City employees, as well as all employees of contractors and subcontractors that perform services on a property owned by or leased to the City for at least one consecutive hour, with the exception of students, volunteers, and employees of Social Enterprises, as per Section 11A of the Procurement Policy. (285 KB)