Trucking services performance evaluation

We work to ensure that the evaluation system we use for hired trucker rankings is as open, transparent, and trusted as possible.

Evaluation areas and ratings

Our site supervisors monitor how you perform in these areas and rate your performance.

Performance area General requirement examples


Arrives on time for start of work

Following directions

Carries out work as instructed 

Work efficiency 

Returns promptly after deliveries 

Driving practices 

Drives and maneuvers efficiently and safely 

Working safely with personal protective equipment (PPE)

Always uses hard hat, high visibility vest, safety glasses, and safety toe boots

Equipment reliability and condition

  • Keeps truck in good condition to avoid break downs while working
  • Tarp available
  • Back-up beeper in good working condition
  • Mud flaps
  • Safety chains
  • Tailgate condition 
  • Towing connection installed and in good working order 
  • Four-way lights in good condition and used when needed
  • Provides accurate and clear billing and submissions, including daily time sheets
  • Deals with billing issues promptly
Evaluation Rating
Meets the requirements of the superivsor    2 points
Failed to meet requirements of the supervisor   1 point

Final scores and branch rankings

At the end of each calendar year, our branch ranking for the new year is based on the previous year’s ratings, as recorded on the daily hired equipment sheets.

Drivers with perfect records from the previous year’s daily hired equipment sheets and no issues with administration will retain their previous year’s ranking position (or move up if others above move down within their assigned branch).

Driver with poor evaluations recorded on their daily hired equipment sheets throughout the previous year will move below the companies without any poor evaluations.

Within the group of operators with one or more poor evaluations, each operator will be ranked in order of the lowest to highest number of poor evaluations.

If there is an equal number of poor evaluations with operators, the proportion of days they worked will decide their ranking.

Release of new branch rankings

We mail the new rankings after we complete and calculate the evaluations.

Have concerns about your ranking? Learn how to appeal your ranking

Minimum requirements

We expect hired truckers to provide any type of trucking and haulage services that we require.

If you frequently fail to meet our requirements according to several site supervisors, we'll notify you to attend a performance-review meeting. At the meeting, we'll outline our concerns and provide a warning letter stating that, if you continue to frequently fall below our minimum expectations, we may remove;you from our hired trucking list.

Standard hand signals

Operate a backhoe, excavator, or truck?

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