Vehicle requirements and services agreement

Truck-specific requirements

Truck suppliers must satisfy and maintain all physical requirements set by the City for the type of equipment involved. By way of example only, truck suppliers must ensure the following:

  • Keep the safety inspection certificate current and provide a copy of any subsequent recertifications to the yards supervisor of driver training.
  • Equip the truck with a functioning back-up alarm and a trailer hitch (pintle hitch preferred).
  • Have operable hydraulic tailgates at all times, if so equipped.
  • Maintain manual tailgates with chains in a safe condition at all times, if so equipped.
  • Paint the truck supplier or operator/driver’s name and address (city of origin) on the door in lettering at least 5 cm tall, and have it match the information on supporting documents (insurance, vehicle registration).
  • Provide a safe means of access to interior of the truck box.
  • Equip the truck with the necessary tie downs and chains to secure loads.
  • Have an automatic tarpaulin system to secure all loose material loads.

Tare weight

Tare weights for trucks will now be calculated by:

  • Weighing unloaded trucks with full fuel tanks
  • Subtracting half the fuel weight at 3.5 kg per gallon

The intention is to base tare weight on half-full fuel tanks.

GPS units on trucks

The City is considering using GPS units to manage its hauling programs by keeping track of truck locations.

These units may be portable so that they can be easily placed in the truck when doing work for the City.

Commercial general liability insurance requirements

The trucking/haulage services agreement includes requirements for commercial general liability insurance, as well as ICBC coverage.

Trucking/haulage contractors are required to carry commercial general liability insurance to protect them from third party claims for bodily injury, death, or property damage arising out of situations which may not be covered by ICBC insurance such as loading and unloading cargo/materials at various City sites.

Standard hand signals

Operate a backhoe, excavator, or truck?

Download a guide of standard hand signals

Oversize truck permits

Vancouver streets

An oversize truck permit allows you to drive an oversize vehicle in the City of Vancouver.

Find information on getting an oversize truck permit.

Information on oversize truck permits