Lists and ranking of hired service providers

Sewers, Waterworks, and Streets Operations

The list of truck and hauling service suppliers and their hiring ranks are organized by branch, effective March 26, 2018.

Sewers Operations

Truck supplier Branch hiring rank
John Brown Trucking 1
Gurmit Mann Trucking 2
J&M Trucking 3
Horseshoe Star Holdings Ltd. 4
Nichols Trucking  5
A&N Trucking  6
Dhaliwal Trucking
Harry Powar Trucking 8
T.S. Trucking 9
JS Sanghera Trucking 10
Neufeld Trucking 11
Mahil Trucking 12

Waterworks Operations

Truck supplier Branch hiring rank
Mundie Trucking Ltd 1
Brar & Son Trucking Ltd 2
Hothi Trucking 3
A. Randhawa Trucking 4
C.S. Dhillon Trucking 5
Central Pacific Trucking 6
Sidhu Trucking 7

Streets operations

Truck supplier Branch hiring rank
Kenny's Trucking 1
Sheran Trucking 2
Padam Trucking 3
Aulak Trucking 4
Bhinder Trucking 5
A. S. Randhawa Trucking 6
Ateeq Trucking 7
Bhullar Trucking 8
Sekhon Trucking
T. S. Rai Trucking 10
Virk Trucking 11

Current global group truck suppliers and rotation order

The following is the list of approved trucking and hauling service providers for our Engineering Services Department in the Global Group in their current rotation order.

The position on this rotation for next service request is tracked by means of an internal dispatching program used by the branch dispatchers.

Truck supplier Global group rotation order
J.S. Trucking 1
H. Cheema Trucking Ltd. 2
J.S.S. Trucking 3
R.S. Natt Trucking 4
G. Gill Trucking 5
D Sandhu Trucking 6
Rattan Trucking 7
Iqbal Nagra Trucking 8
G.S. Gill Trucking 9
J & G Trucking 10
G. Nagra Trucking 11
Paul Sahota Trucking 12
Maydanyk Trucking Ltd. 13
Expert Excavating, Demolition & Trucking Ltd. 14
J.R. Virk Trucking Ltd. 15
K.S. Trucking 16
K. Dhillon Trucking Ltd. 17
Pardeep Bhullar Trucking 18
Jog-San Trucking 19
Dave Dulay Trucking 20
Harjit and Sons Ent. Ltd. 21
Bradley Trucking 22

Standard hand signals

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