Resources for commercial tenants of City-owned buildings

We are making efforts to minimize exposure and risk of COVID-19 by increasing cleaning protocols in City-owned buildings. 

Tenants of City-owned buildings should do the same within their leased premises.

Manage graffiti

Find out how to manage graffiti, including removing it now and preventing it in the future.

Maintenance and repairs

To report maintenance and repair issues at your unit or building:

Who to call  Hours of operation 
3-1-1 City of Vancouver Contact Centre  7am to 10pm daily 
604-873-7157 City of Vancouver Security Office  10pm to 7am daily 

For Chinatown Plaza

Contact property manager EasyPark at 604-861-7362 or 604-682-6744.

Bill payments

We offer five payment options.

By pre-authorized payment

For fast, easy, and secure payments from your bank account, send us a completed pre-authorized payment application form and a void cheque.

By online banking

After you log in to your account on your bank's website, add "City of Vancouver rental property" as a payee (this wording varies by bank) and then enter your rental contract number. Contact your bank for assistance.

In person at City Hall

Pay by cheque, money order, debit card, or cash at:

Revenue Services
Ground Floor, City Hall
453 West 12th Avenue

8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except holidays)

Or drop off your cheque or money order in our 24-hour mail slot, located at the 12th Avenue entrance of City Hall.

By mail

Send your cheques or money orders to:

Revenue Services
City of Vancouver
453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Paying by cheque?

Make cheques payable to City of Vancouver and write your rental contract number in the memo area.

Dishonoured cheques are subject to a $35 service charge.

Bill and account questions

Contact the rental billings clerk at 604-873-7801 or 604-873-7442.

Lease questions

Contact your property negotiator on your lease.

Property negotiator  Phone number 
Melinda Chan 604-873-7918
Gaelen Henry 604-873-7130
Dino Di Fonzo 604-873-7438
Justin Beveridge 604-873-7409
Emily Aeng 604-873-7990
Elaine Lee 604-873-7805 
Josue Ferrer 604-873-7180
Jenny Shao 604-873-7806
Maria Koreneva 604-606-2747

Insurance requirements for commercial tenants

You must have adequate and appropriate insurance that complies with your lease terms and conditions at all times during your lease term. The City of Vancouver may ask you to provide proof of your insurance at any time.

To get proof of your insurance, ask your insurance broker to complete a certificate of insurance for you.

Renovations and tenant improvements

As a tenant, your intentions for improvements and renovations in City of Vancouver buildings must be reviewed for hazardous materials. Review these documents for detailed information:

To proceed with renovations or improvements to your space in a City-owned building, complete the forms below. Submit them and your building plans to the Facilities and Planning Department for review, and obtain an authorized signature for the Owner’s Undertaking Letter.