Non-food stationary street permits

We encourage street vending of non-food items – original artwork, handcrafts, jewelry, flowers, and other approved items – to improve street life, help bring people together, and provide public convenience.

We use a lottery system to award new permits to non-food stationary street vendors. Applications for the lottery are only accepted during the month of February.

Renewing your permit

To renew your permit, log into your online account. You need to:

  • Maintain a current business licence with the City
  • Maintain appropriate liability insurance
  • Pay the permit fee by the end of January and the remainder of the permit fee by the end of April

Important dates

Date What happens
January 31 Last day for renewing vendors to pay their deposit fee
April 30 Last day for renewing vendors to pay the balance of your permit fee (before 12 noon) and provide any related documentation.
May 1

Permits are issued, valid for one year until April 30.

2024 Fees

Fee Cost
Applicant fee $63.06 per location
Annual permit (non-food) $1,045.74 + GST


To apply, you need to be:

  • 19 years old and over
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

If you are successful in winning a location in the lottery, you will need to have:

  • A current City of Vancouver business licence 
  • Valid liability insurance

Insurance requirements

As a condition of being granted a vending permit, you must show "Proof of Liability Insurance" coverage which meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Inclusive limit of $2,000,000 P.L. and P.D. (public liability & property damage)
  • Cross liability clause
  • City of Vancouver named as an insured

Download our Liability Insurance Certificate  (175 KB), forward it to your insurance company to complete, and upload it during your application.

A permit will not be granted until proof of insurance has been received.

Rules and requirements

Street vending permits


  • Are valid from May 1 to April 30 of the following year
  • Remain the property of the City of Vancouver
  • Must be displayed to the public at all times
  • Must be given immediately, upon request, to any City of Vancouver official or Vancouver Police Department member
  • Cannot be rented or transferred to the control of another operator

Permit holders

Permit holders need to:

  • Meet the City's general permit conditions (such as on the waste management plan)
  • Cooperate with any City of Vancouver official or Vancouver Police Department member
  • Ensure that the vending unit is attended to at all times when in operation
  • Ensure that the location is kept free of rubbish and debris generated by the vendor or customers

You must operate your vending unit:

  • Only at the exact location and times specified on the permit
  • During the operating hours displayed on the permit and remove your vending unit from City streets during non-operating hours

Display boards

Only one sign board per vending unit will be permitted.

Sign boards:

  • Are considered to be part of the vending unit and must also be approved
  • Must be placed against the cart at all times

When rules and requirements are not followed

Permit holders and vending unit operators that do not follow City bylaws and permit conditions can have their:

  • Goods confiscated
  • Permit suspended, cancelled, or not renewed

The City is not responsible for the economic viability of any location.

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