Sidewalk activities

You can license the use of sidewalk property owned by the City for retail and entertainment purposes. 

Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP)

The Temporary Expedited Patio Program (TEPP) will end on October 31, 2021. All TEPP patios must be removed by November 1, 2021.

City Council has approved a new Summer Patio Program to launch in 2022. These patios will be permitted between April 1 to October 31. All Temporary Expedited Patio permit holders will be invited to apply for the new ongoing Summer Patio Program soon.

Street food vending permits

Permit, application, and general information for street food vendors and food cart operators.

Roaming street food vending

If you want to sell food on city property using a vending unit that you move from location to location, you need a roaming food vending permit.

Street vending (non-food)

Permit, application, and general information for non-food street vendors.

Mobile special event vending permit

A mobile special event vending permit lets you to sell goods within two blocks of the boundary of a City-recognized special event that is already at capacity with other vendors. Permits are sold by the day.

Merchandise display permit

This permit allows businesses to display merchandise for sale in display units on the sidewalk in front of their business. Read the requirements, view the bylaw, request an application.

Other retail sidewalk opportunities

Banners and flags

How to apply to have street banners and flags installed advertising your non-profit group, charitable organization or special event in Vancouver.

Busking and entertainment

Find out what is required to busk in Vancouver streets.

Patio permit

Restaurant or cafes can get a patio permit. Permits are available for a patio located on a sidewalk or on your establishment's property.