Transfer your business licence to someone else

Processing of applications

Access to the Business Licence Office is by appointment only. Walk-in service and drop-in appointments are not available.

To help process your applications more quickly, we have moved to a digital approach for applications, enquiries, and payments:

  • Submit your business licence application by mail or email 
  • Renew your business licence online
  • Customer enquiries, contact us online

Processing times are currently delayed. We will contact you with questions or next steps once we have processed your request.

Get support for your local business

What you need to know

If you are taking over an existing business:

  • Your new business must be the same type of business as the existing business; for example, an existing restaurant's business licence can only be transferred to a new restaurant
  • The business licence can only be transferred once per calendar year


 You cannot transfer over a home-based business licence.

Steps to transferring a business licence

Contact the business licence offices

Contact us online

In-person scheduled appointments. Walk-in service and drop-in appointments are not available. 

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