Green wall with skytrain passing by

Our principles

We can accelerate change by being a leader in the use of renewable energy in our operations.

The current and future actions to ensure our city transitions to one entirely powered by renewable energy are shaped by ten core principles. 

For example, our Renewable City Action Plan is about choice. It gives people more choices to keep their homes and businesses comfortable and move around the city without relying on fossil fuels. Through better transit, safer walking and cycling infrastructure, and more electric vehicle charging stations, more transportation options will be available.

What are the 10 principles?

Ensure equitable access to solutions

In designing our actions, we’ll work to identify and resolve barriers so all Vancouver residents and businesses are able to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Reduce costs

New actions will be designed to make it even more affordable for Vancouver residents and businesses to use energy more efficiently and switch to renewable energy solutions. 

Increase choice

New actions will be designed to give more options to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Many already exist, and we will do more to make them more widely available, grow the range of choices, and provide better access to service.

Take advantage of natural stock turn over

New actions will take advantage of the most convenient and cost-effective times to make changes to reduce fossil fuel use – like during improvements or replacements. 

Seek partnerships

Vancouver’s climate change objectives are closely aligned with Metro Vancouver’s, BC’s and Canada’s. We will design our actions in collaboration with those governments to maximize impact.

Similarly, we will seek partnership opportunities with local utilities, researchers, trainers, organizations, businesses, and residents.

Engage each step of the way

As new actions are developed, we will engage with Vancouver residents and businesses to ensure we answer questions, understand concerns, and embrace new ideas.

We will also engage with other governments to share our successes and challenges, and learn from their experience.

Ensure a just transition

Some business models will be challenged by the transition to renewable energy. We’ll work with those businesses and employees to help them find new opportunities.

Adapt to changing circumstances

The challenges and opportunities we face today, and the available solutions will both shift over time. We will design our actions to be adaptive to these shifting contexts.

Lead by example

We will take action in our own operations to demonstrate that investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy are achievable and beneficial.

Reduce carbon pollution

Our actions will help us to achieve our targets and support carbon pollution reductions regionally.