Future Vancouver streetscape

Targets and actions

We will track emissions according to the most stringent international standards.

We have a long history of supporting climate action, from the Clouds of Change reports in 1990  (16 MB) to the Community Climate Change Action Plan in 2005  (2 MB) and the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan in 2011, and now the Renewable City Strategy and Plan. 

Our ambitious and achievable Renewable City Action Plan:

Renewable energy targets

By 2030
of energy used in Vancouver is derived from renewable sources
Before 2050
of the energy used in Vancouver is derived from renewable sources
By 2030
reduction of carbon pollution
Before 2050
reduction in carbon pollution

Progress we’ve made so far

How we will reach our goals and targets

To reach our goals and targets we will do the following.

Renewable buildings

Our plan is to address building energy where it can have the largest carbon reduction impact.

Renewable transportation

To meet our pollution and emissions targets, we’re implementing Transportation 2040.

Zero waste and cross-sectoral

Along with reducing material waste, the waste decomposing in our landfill is a potential renewable energy source.