Renewable City Action Plan

Our city has what it takes to successfully get 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050. 

  • We already have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per person of any major North American city.
  • We are economically strong and diverse.
  • We are a city that innovates and already has abundant clean electricity.

Climate Emergency Response

Vancouver is joining hundreds of cities around the world in declaring a climate emergency and committing to reduce emissions locally.

Our goal: to get 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050

Why a renewable city

Learn why we must transform so our city gets all our energy from renewable sources.

Our principles

Our current and future actions are shaped by ten core principles.

Targets and actions

Our plan targets buildings, transportation, and waste – the top sources of carbon pollution.

Climate vanguard city

Vancouver is a member of the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance.

In depth

Learn more about the initatives helping us reach our goals and targets.

Women4Climate Mentorship Program

We are matching young women who are taking action on climate, with mentors.